Finding Profitable Products to Sell on Amazon

Selling on Amazon

Did you just step into the world of selling on Amazon? Then let us tell you that you have made the right decision. This giant online shopping stop offers sellers seamless opportunities and exposure to reach out to a worldwide buyer base.

The moment you open an account and choose FBA as the method to do business, you tap into a pool of billions of worldwide customers. However, even though selling on Amazon comes with umpteen benefits, it is tricky to snatch success if you do not know what product to sell.

Selling on Amazon

To start selling, you have to make decisions with how you pick the best things to start your selling on Amazon and what sells well on Amazon? Well, going through this article might help you better. Have a look.

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Before you know how to find profitable products on Amazon, it is better to know what are the top-selling categories on this platform. Knowing it can streamline your search.

The best-selling products on Amazon usually come up with the huge competition. However, if you know how to source your product right and launch it at the right time, then you can get success quite seamlessly.

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Hence, have a look at the top categories.

Electronic equipment

Electronic equipment has a worldwide demand. Since last year Amazon has seen a large sales uptick on the products like Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot, Alexa, and voice automated remote controls, which have recently become trends. 

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It might be a bit difficult to break into this category as a newcomer, but you can segment your selling by picking niches related to it. You can choose the subcategories like remote controls, source cables, memory cards, etc., that can bring a large amount of sell to your bag.

Kids Toys & Games

Both the toys and games have the great power to capture the market interest.  The field of toys is filled with products related to Disney and Pixar themes, educational themes, and many more.

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If you want to sell in this category, then simply check out the kind of toys that are best-selling on the platform. Take note of the trends while checking out the product’s popularity. The biggest selling toy categories are art, music, match, tech, engineering, and science. Products like Crayola, legos, or Jenga are setting up market dominance. 

You can even take note of best-selling toys from the videos where kids demo those products. It will help you to know your audience’s interests better. 

Video Games

Video games are always on-trend, and it is liked by most of the audience. This industry is growing with a value worth hundreds of billions.

Even Amazon itself encourages this rage as it hires its developers to create games for Amazon Games Studios.  Some of the best-selling names are Twitch, Nintendo, etc., which you can promote on your store and offer rewards to shoppers to buy more.

Apparels and jewelry

The number of people who buy clothes from Amazon regularly is uncountable. More than millions of people every day order clothes and fashion items from their favorite brands every. Prime customers engage in 60% of apparel purchasing on Amazon.  

Even though it is quite tricky to succeed in this market, you can still do it by making up a unique selling strategy. You need to have a wide range of selections to let your customers choose from.

If you want to sell clothes, then it is a good idea to tap into FBA to deal with Size issues and likability problems. At the same time, easy shipping and seamless returns are also very necessary to sell on Amazon and to drive more customers to your store.

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Tools to find Profitable Products to Sell on Amazon

Many tools out in the market can help you figure out profitable and feasible products for you to sell on Amazon. But here are some of the popular ones.

Top selling products on Amazon as of 2021

It is always beneficial to stay updated with the ongoing selling trends to sync with the market and competition.  Amazon offers countless items which are sold on an everyday basis.

However, the selling trends change as per season. While shoppers interests were more on travel accessories one or two years ago, it is not the same. It has changed much in 2021.

Here are some of the products that you can try to sell in 2021 to gain much profit. 

Exercise brands

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Well, there is no need to explain why this niche has become so popular in 2021. While the worldwide pandemic has put a stoppage to outdoor movement, people have found it beneficial to carry out workout sessions at home.

Hence the exercise brands are seeing an uptick in sales. You can choose products for aerobic exercise as these are lightweight and inexpensive that a large base of buyers looks for.

Pet grooming items

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Pet grooming items like nail clippers are also quite trendy on Amazon. Pet owners need such items at one point in their pet care as it is quite necessary to groom them. These lightweight tools have quite a good demand on the platform.

Yoga mats

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Again yoga mats are quite popular among the fitness freaks who have taken the oath to stay fit and healthy at their home. This product has grown in popularity for over a year now. You can sell these items to get more buyers.

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Before you start selling on Amazon, take some time to find out the right products. Even though we have discussed some of the best products above, those are not the only ones that are stealing the show.

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There are numerous other best-selling products from various categories that need to be recognized if you want to create a seamless and profitable selling experience. Have a look.

1. Find out the Buyers Interest

You need to know better what buyers are looking for on this platform to purchase. Amazon’s guide recommends you sell products that are in demand throughout the year.  Small sellers must look for products that have better chances to get sold throughout the year.

It is better to pick a product based on a specific niche that lets you hold a better position among the competitors. For example, you can become a specific seller for unique products like ‘crystal pendant’ or ‘butterfly pendant with a silver necklace,’ etc.

2. Research to find out what is already Selling on Amazon

One of the convenient ways to find out what is selling on Amazon is to look for the best-selling online products on the platform.

You can look out in the Seller Central for the reports, or you can discuss with other sellers from Amazon’s Facebook page. As you have found a few products, you can conduct research on which one is more profitable.

3. Take note of the Competition

Before you take a step, you must be aware of the competition you are jumping into. To analyze the competition, you can look out for the reviews of the product. It is important to be confident with what you can compete with. 

4. Keep the profit margin in mind

You should always take note of the profit margin before you start selling on Amazon. If you are starting as a newcomer, then it is recommended to start with a product that can sell over the mark of Eur15. 

The rule of thumb is to find products with 100% mark-up that offer 50% of profits margin.

5. Consider the seasonal demand

If you want to boost your cell as per a particular time in the year, then you should take note of the seasonal demand for the products. While picking a seasonal product to sell, you must be aware of the inventory turnover from time to time and make sure your stock is not becoming obsolete.

6. Go Small & Light

The size and weight of the item are very crucial when you try to find out the best product to sell on Amazon. It is better to pick small and lightweight items to sell as it will cost you less to import them from the supplier and to ship it to your customer.

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As you have picked the product to sell on Amazon, you can opt for seamless listing. Amazon recommends you avoid those products which have a lot of sellers so that you can get the space to mark a significant market presence.

So if you are thinking of gaining a lot more success with your Amazon business, then make sure you are looking at all the aspects that make a product profitable.

You can even use various tools and software that offer you a complete insight into the range of products that you can sell on Amazon.

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