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what is asin number

The e-commerce giant Amazon works with more than 353 million products. Starting from apparel, shoes, household items to care and beauty products, appliances, and whatnot, everything you get at the leading eCommerce store.

But have you ever given it a thought, how Amazon keeps track of all its products? For a giant online store like Amazon, it is very hard to keep track of all the products without a unique way of item listing and numbering.

ASIN Number is one of such numbers that Amazon uses to categorize its products.

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What is an ASIN number?

What is an ASIN number?

The ASIN number is a kind of identification numeric that helps Amazon to keep track of all its products. ASIN is a combination of alphanumerics that offers a unique identity to each of the products.

If you want to run your business on Amazon, then you have to have an Amazon ASIN number. Amazon doesn’t let you sell your item on the platform without any specific identification code.

People who want to sell on Amazon need to have this number for all products apart from books.

In case you want to sell books on Amazon, then you will need to have ISBN. ASIN number comes in the form of a 10-digit number which is not internationally standardized.

National Amazon site will require some specific ASINs for selling.

What is the real significance of an ASIN number?

The ASIN number stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number, which is mandatory to have to sell your products on this platform. It is used to keep track of the product and to help customers to find out the right product.

Why is an ASIN Number important to Amazon sellers?

The ASIN number has importance to both the sellers and customers. It further helps to monitor the inventory easily. With this unique identification, several customers can easily find out their product from a crowd of items.

  1. In each of the product categories on Amazon, there are millions of products. It often becomes difficult to find out the exact product from the large varieties since there are more than hundreds of products that look similar. However, the ASIN number is a unique one that makes the journey easier.
  2. Sellers, on the other hand, can benefit from the number. They can find out how many competitors are selling the same product. Amazon does not let sellers create a new ASIN number. Most of the items that people sell already exist on the product catalog of Amazon.

In case Amazon lets you create a new ASIN number, that means your product is unique. As you get your own ASIN, you will feel less competition around you.

How do you find your ASIN number?

Usually, one item on Amazon can have multiple sellers.  But the ASIN number for that particular item will remain the same.  Even though name sellers are selling that item, the ASIN number will stay consistent.

finding your ASIN number

Finding out your ASIN number is crucial to start selling. Here is how you find it quite easily.

  • Use the URL of Amazon product Listing. As you type the URL in your search bar, you can find out the ASIN quickly. Then you can copy that number from the URL.
  • You can also find it on your product listing page. As you scroll down to the bottom, you can find the ASIN for your product.
  • You can also use third-party tools to find out your ASIN number for a particular product that you want to sell.

ASIN creation policy that you must know

In case you opt for the creation of an existing product, then Amazon will suspend your account temporarily or permanently.

Sometimes sellers can accidentally create ASIN numbers for their products. In such cases, Amazon merges the product pages.

ASIN creation policy

It can further become difficult for a seller to drive consumers for a particular product. Hence it is always recommended to search for existing ASINs and use those to create your item listing.

How do you use your existing ASIN number?

Before starting selling an item, check if an ASIN number already exists for that product or not. 

In case you find one, then you can start selling with the creation of an offer under that ASIN. While you do this, you will share an ASIN with every other seller who is selling that same item.

How do you choose your ASIN number?

In case the product you want to sell is not listed on Amazon, then you can choose your ASIN number. However, it is the rarest of situations when you may need to choose your ASIN number. However, here is how you do it.

  • First of all, you will need to create your seller’s account for Amazon.
  • After that, you have to add a product tool. then simply click on ‘Create a new product.’
  • Then you have to fill out all your product details related to the color, name, shape, image, material, etc., then also fill in the UPC or EAN number.
  • After that, simply publish that product page. Amazon will assign you an ASIN number.

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Final Conclusion About Asin Number

Before you jump into the world of Amazon selling, you must be aware of all its rules. Opting out for an ASIN number gives you the pass to become an independent seller on the platform. However, make sure you are conducting proper research for the ASIN number before you start selling to avoid any suspension from Amazon.

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