Seller Assistant APP Reviews

As one of the well-established Amazon FBA seller, you are aware that you need multiple extensions to run your Amazon selling business. Now avoid multiple extensions with a single extension from a Seller Assistant APP. It analyze current and historical data, create your product notes, and save the result to Google Sheets. 

For an Amazon FBA seller, the Seller Assistant APP remains the go-to platform for experienced and beginners.

After using the platform extensively and exploring its perks, one thing is clear: Seller Assistant APP delivers top-notch services despite growing competition.

With this tool,

  • You can carry out a wide range of research to select potentially profitable products to sell.
  • A must-have tool in your Amazon wholesale, online arbitrage business.
  • A very helpful in your private-label enterprises, and occasionally in dropshipping businesses

My Personal Experience – 5 out 5

I like to share my thoughts on this tool. After six months of using the Seller Assistant App, I’ve found it to be the best tool for my Amazon selling business. Its integration with Google Sheets has streamlined my workflow, allowing me to efficiently track and analyze high-profit items with just one click. The app’s powerful analytics have significantly enhanced my product research capabilities, helping me identify lucrative opportunities in online arbitrage and wholesale markets. Its user-friendly interface, easy to use and robust feature set have made it an essential component of my daily operations, greatly simplifying the process of product selection and market analysis. Overall, the Seller Assistant App has been a game-changer for my business, boosting productivity and profitability.

Seller Assistant APP Users Reviews

We have collected reviews from the internet. Here are reviews that are good and bad about the Seller Assistant APP.

Kristi Jones Review – 1 out of 5

The free trial was great. Now that I have a paid subscription the ASIN lookup does not work and I’m being told to start a subscription… I am subscribed and have already paid. Thinking SellerAmp may be the way to go. I wanted to love this app, but instead, I’m frustrated and wasting my time trying to get it to work as it did during the free trial. I took the bait, ugh!. (Source)

Muhammad Sami Review – 1 out of 5

First it was great but then Failed to fetch ASIN data this message appears. (Source)

Sakine Tarim Review – 1 out of 5

I have been using the application regularly for about 2 months. It worked fine for the first month, but there was a constant problem in the second month. Customer service said they fixed the problem, but the problem didn’t fix. Really poor service! (Source)

Beyhan Gündoğdu Review – 3 out of 5

I’m using this extension for 3 months, previously it was working smooth but for last 2 weeks there is always problem. I couldn’t use the extension for the whole day and still no fix. Poor service! (Source)


Love this app and must have for anyone who has an amazon store. Highly recommend! (Source)

Michael Ade – 5 out of 5

This tool has totally changed the way i manage my amazon KDP business.. It is awesome Firstly , i would like to start by saying this app was worth every dime, from the get go detailed product analytics to the very intuitive user interface .. This app generate so much data on a product that helps me making good and efficient online seller (Amazon KDP)… In the last 6months i have started using this is mind-blowing especially with all these detailed reports and most important of all ..the profitability analysis feature. I love everything about the software, It is really Mindblowing. (Source)

Vikash Ghatala – 5 out of 5

Used for a while and here are the things that I like most about this. If you are a amazon seller or reseller, this will surely help you for providing you the best profit with you products and providing you all the information for available products. Provides all necessary information like Margin, profit, FBA and also stock availability. This service also provides the 14 days trial which is really great to try by yourself. Found nothing much but I would recommend to lower the price a little bit for small sellers. Just a little bit so that the starters can also afford this in their expense. Otherwise, everything is great. (Source)

Shivam Tiwari – 5 out of 5

Marketing and sales are improved by its market data. The product’s high integration allows us to thoroughly investigate many market routes. This app is the most flexible for daily revenue and profit forecasting. Data-driven analytics show us how we compare to competitors. Since implementing Seller Assistant App, operations have been uninterrupted. (Source).

Ahmed C – 5 out of 5

good. Pros: user friendly , good calculation , accurate

Cons: keepa is not great at all , and quite few features missing (Source)

Vera Nosko – 5 out of 5

I learned about this application during a course on online arbitration, and with its help I began my journey. As a beginner in this business, I give this application 5+ for its accessibility! Tooltips are very helpful in quickly understanding (which was very important for me at first!) when evaluating product data, as well as visibility on the graph of the price history of a product for a certain period. The opportunity to leave your comments on the product and like the most interesting offers. Data can be exported to a Google spreadsheet. Different ways of sorting data are very useful when working with large amounts of information.
I always follow the presentation of new application features and apply them in my work. (Source)

Seller Assistant APP Pricing & Plans

Seller Assistant App offers different pricing plans for their services, tailored to various needs, with both monthly and annual billing options available. Here’s a brief overview:

  1. Free Plan: Includes limited usage of the Seller Assistant App extension, IP-Alert, and some beta tools like Bulk Restriction Checker and UPC/EAN to ASIN Converter. Suitable for basic needs without any cost.
  2. Start Plan:
    • Monthly: $15.99/month
    • Annually: $149.99/year
    • Features: Includes 3500 product lookups, integration with up to 3 Google Sheets, and supports 1 user account.
  3. Pro Plan:
    • Monthly: $29.99/month
    • Annually: $299.99/year
    • Features: Offers 10,000 product lookups, 10 Google Sheets integration, and allows for 2 user accounts.

Additionally, Seller Assistant App offers various add-ons: extra users at $14.99 monthly or $149.99 annually, additional product lookups, and ASIN checks for the Bulk Restriction Checker at varying prices. These add-ons allow for further customization of the service based on individual seller needs.

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