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Are you looking for a free VPN app that ensures private browsing? Do you want a trusted shield that gives you the best online privacy? Then check out Looking for an AtlasVPN coupon? Then check out the discounts section below.

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AtlasVPN Coupon Code & Discounts

Special AtlasVPN Deal

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AtlasVPN Overview

Atlas VPN is an excellent choice for boosting the security of your connection and bringing satisfactory speeds. Its WireGuard VPN protocol is known for lightning-fast performance, simplicity, and robustness. It offers 750 servers in over 40 locations and is best suitable for gaming, streaming, and P2P. Overall AtlasVPN offers a decent all-round service for some of the lowest price.

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AtlasVPN Specifications & Features

Specifications & FeaturesDetails
PriceStarts from $2.05/mon
Offer82% OFF on 3 Years Plan
Number of servers700+
Kill switchYes
ProtocolsIKEv2, Wireguard
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV
Money-back guarantee30 Days
Official website:

Why should you choose AtlasVPN?

AtlasVPN is a comprehensive solution provider to all the above stated. Moreover, with its unique features, it takes care to solve the problems mentioned above efficiently.

FeaturesAtlasCyber GhostHotspot SheildProton VPNExpress VPN
Unlimited devicesYesNoNoNoNo
4K fast streamingYesNoYesNoYes
24/7 supportYesYesYesNoYes
WireGuard protocolYesYesNoYesNo
Ad blockerYesYesNoYesNo
Email ProtectionYesYesNoNoNo
PriceUSD 1.99/monUSD 2.15/monUSD 2.99/monUSD 3.29/monUSD 6.67/mon

Complete protection

Not only does it protect users from known threat sources like websites and popup ads, but it also makes sharing of files safer. Accessing and sharing legal content becomes faster and more secure on a VPN.

Multiple location access

Users can choose their server’s location. This way, differential pricing can be realized at the earliest and used to the user’s benefit to avail of location-specific offers.

Competitive pricing

They provide online safety at incredibly low rates, making online privacy affordable and accessible to all. 

All-time security

Their service guarantees user privacy throughout all activity, irrespective of usage. It guarantees to hide your IP address and provides drop-free speed. 

Ultra-fast 4k streaming

Optimized AtlasVPN servers let you enjoy fast and unlimited streaming platforms.

Best Customer Support

AtlasVPN guarantees excellent customer support. The friendly support team is ready to help 24/7 with any questions.

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AtlasVPN Performance

When comes to a fast VPN service, refers to a service that provides satisfying internet connection speeds for its customers. Thus, requests (such as visiting websites) are not sent directly to the recipient. A VPN’s central feature is encryption and rerouting of traffic.

As a result, you transfer it to a VPN server, which makes the request on your behalf and returns it to you. Hence, reducing this VPN overhead should be one of the priorities of any fast VPN.

Best free VPN when it comes to performance as its download speeds come hand in hand even with some top paid VPNs.

  • Ping indicates the reaction time in milliseconds for your device to receive a response
  • Download speed reveals how quickly data reaches your device.
  • Upload speed shows how fast you send requests online.

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AtlasVPN Features

Using AtlasVPN provides multiple features to boost the anonymity of users and protect their data without compromising on speed. 

Unlimited usage

Its advanced compatibility protects every device- handheld smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. Not only does it help protect each device, but it also allows linking to multiple devices at the same point. This means several devices can be traced back to a single proxy server, making tracking difficult.

Server locations

AtlasVPN has over 750 servers in 43 different locations from Albania to Chile. They also have 3 free locations in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and New York. The paid service provides access to the fastest connections and secure servers. 

Server choosing facility

The connect button picks the ideal location of the server for each customer. The server is chosen based on distance, speed, etc. It allows for hassle-free streaming of uninterrupted content from across the globe. 

Based on location, some media content from other nations may be inaccessible in your country. Using a VPN makes such content accessible and passes censorship barriers to provide users with complete digital freedom.

Safer sharing

File sharing is unsafe if you do not know the other device’s network. Sharing of files between a large network of devices becomes safer with AtlasVPN.

Data Breach Monitor

A data breach is a problem that most internet users without a VPN are likely to suffer. Their data breach monitor scans publicly leaked databases for any of your personal information that may have been breached. 

There is no need for manual security checks. Instead, users get automatic alerts each time their data is found online. They can also find records of data breaches and sites from where the data has been stolen.

Ultimate Privacy

The usage details of the user’s activity are not stored by the service provider. As a result, users can surf the internet securely, such that their internet usage activity cannot be traced back to their devices. 

Multiple Location Changing Facility

AtlasVPN allows users to use the internet from multiple IP addresses simultaneously.

This way, anonymity is guaranteed. It also allows instant switching of IP Addresses in case you are dissatisfied with the security or speed offered. 

Digital Safety

While keeping the user’s data safe, the user is also protected from digital threats. This can be in the form of sketchy ads and websites that are known to cause harm to your device through viruses, malware, or phishing scams.

Wireguard Protocol

Wireguard is an open-source, advanced protocol that is faster, safer, and easier to use when compared to other protocols. Made using the essential features, the protocol is lightweight, providing speed, security, and advanced cryptography.

Advanced Security

The tracker blocker feature prevents 3rd party trackers from obtaining data from the user’s activity on the internet. Its split tunneling feature provides access to 2 networks- inside and outside the VPN. As a result, users can access a different location network and the local network at the same time. 

Location Rotation

The MultiHop feature allows users to switch between select locations at intervals. This randomized location protects the location of the user and facilitates anonymity.

AtlasVPN Servers

AtlasVPN has distinguished features that allow users to switch between various locations. It also has an expansive list of places where its servers are located. Users can select their server, but there is a feature to find their ideal server location. It has premium servers across Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, and South America, which are accessible as a part of the paid service.

AtlasVPN server locations

Atlas VPN offers you dozens of server locations and hundreds of fast servers. It only has 750+ servers worldwide and is spread across 38 countries.

As the demand and popularity, are increasing, AtlasVPN planning to add more server locations.

What problems does VPN solve?

VPN may seem like an expensive solution to an unimportant problem. However, below are the reasons you must consider purchasing a VPN plan.

Lack of digital security

The digital world is full of threats to your data. A single click can make all your sensitive data accessible to hackers online, who can misuse it for their benefit. In addition, your digital activities are tracked by companies, service providers, etc.

Restricted access

Based on your location, it is likely that there are certain restrictions on the parts of the digital world you can access. 

Data Security

Open networks are tempting to use. However, they pose a massive threat to your data. In addition, your activity becomes easier to track through these networks.

Pricey purchases

Sometimes, sellers engage in location-based differential pricing, which may result in users getting charged more based on their computer address.

AtlsVPN offers free VPN service for 3 locations. The pricing of VPN service is also very cheap compared to all other VPN services.

AtlasVPN Pricing & Plans

  • AtlasVPN 1 month plan cost $10.99/mon.
  • AtlasVPN 1-year plan cost $3.29/mon using a coupon ATLASWELCOME.
  • AtlasVPN 3-year plan cost $1.99/mon using a coupon ATLASWELCOME.
AtlasVPN Pricing & Plans

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