Squid Proxies Review: Best Place for Private & Shared Proxies for Legal Work | 10% OFF Squid Proxies Coupon

Squid proxies Reviews

Are you looking for high-performance proxies that scale your business? Do you want to buy the largest global proxy network? Then check out Squid Proxies.com. Looking for a Squid Proxies promo code? Then check out the discounts section below.

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About Squid Proxies

Finding premium private proxies for legal purposes is difficult in the online world. Many proxy service providers offer their products for illegal web scraping or browsing purposes.  However, there is a well-known proxy service provider which will help you with your legal browsing. 

Squid Proxies offers private and shared proxies for legal use.  The service provider gives you shared and private proxies at competitive prices. Founded in 2016, Squid Proxies is the best service provider which is known for 100% performance in custom proxy solutions and private proxies. 

Squid Proxies Services

Private Proxies 

Squid Proxies offers private proxies along with HTTPS/HTTP proxies. You can browse any browser with these proxies such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, and many more. You get high-qualified IP anonymity with private proxies. 

Shared Proxies

If you want to share your proxies with other users, the service provider lets you do that via their shared proxies. 

Public Proxies

Squid Proxies come with public or open proxies too.  Users who have limited restrictions and can’t get wide network access can use those public proxies. You can browse anonymously without having your IP address tracked by hackers.

Squid Proxies Features

  1.  Squid proxies support well-known browsers with standard HTTP proxies. You don’t need to install any software to do so
  1. You get unlimited bandwidth for using any proxies
  1. You get dedicated multi-gigabit worldwide servers with high speed
  1. You will receive access to high IP diversity from multiple cities around the world
  1. You can activate any proxies at affordable prices
  1. You get fresh IP every month after every renewal payment 
  1. You can hide your IP without revealing your used proxies 
  1. Supports all browsers 
  1. 24x 7 customer support 
  1. You can use proxies with all social media network sites.

Squid Proxies Pricing Plans

Let’s see Squid Private proxies monthly pricing in the below table.

Monthly Pricing$24$48$87$160$290$455$575$910Custom

Squid Proxies Pros & Cons

  • All proxies are available at affordable and cheaper prices
  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • Dedicated multi-gigabit worldwide servers 
  • fresh IP every month
  • Compatible with all major browsers with HTTP/HTTPS proxies
  • Proxies are accessible 24×7
  • High Standard anonymity 
  • Proxies work with all major social media network sites
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Fast speed
  • No protection for shared proxies
  • The app doesn’t provide trial proxies
  • Not for illegal use
  • Very few features
  • Only provides private and shared proxies
  • Does not support Craigslist, Ticketmaster, and Nike proxies 

Squid Proxies Alternatives

Similar to Squid Proxies, there are a number of decent tools available. There are so many options available that it can be difficult to choose the right one. The list of alternatives we’ve curated is here to help. 

Squid Proxies Review Verdict

Using proxies for legal use is not difficult if you get the proper proxy service provider.  Squid Proxies is one of the service providers that provide private and shared proxies at cheaper prices. 

Squid Proxies FAQs

How long is the Squid Proxy setup time?

Once the Payment is completed squid proxies will be allocated within 5 minutes.

Do Squid Proxies offer a refund?

If you are not satisfied with your subscription, you can cancel your plan at any time and you will get your full money back within 7 days.

How to cancel Squid Proxies account?

To Cancel your squid proxies subscription, please submit a ticket to your support team.

What payment methods does Squid Proxies accept?

Squid Proxies accepts payment methods like PayPal, 2Checkout, and Bitcoin.

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