What Does Sold by Amazon.com Services LLC Mean?

As an Amazon seller, you have encountered the tag “Sold by Amazon.com Services LLC”. As a seller, you need to know what exactly it means. What does it signify? So let’s jump in.

About Amazon.com Services LLC

Amazon.com Services LLC is a subsidiary of Amazon.com, Inc. Amazon.com Services LLC is primarily responsible for providing various services to Amazon’s customers and sellers. It handles tasks like shipping and customer service.

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“Sold by: Amazon.com services LLC” mean?

When a product is marked “Sold by Amazon.com Services LLC,” it signifies a seamless transaction where Amazon takes control. The sale price is set by Amazon, and the entire fulfillment process, from warehousing to shipping, is handled by the company. This direct involvement ensures a consistent and reliable customer experience.

For sellers, partnering with Amazon Services LLC provides access to a broader audience and the assurance of a minimum payment through FBA.

This is Amazon’s commitment to streamlining e-commerce, offering customers quality products with the convenience of efficient logistics.

So whenever you encounter “Sold by Amazon.com Services LLC,” rest assured you’re in for a reliable, hassle-free shopping experience from Amazon.

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