What Does Amazon.com Services LLC & Its Affiliates & Assignees Mean?

Your COI was rejected stating the insurer will need to add “Amazon.com Services LLC and its affiliates and assignees”? Or as an Amazon seller, you want to know the importance of the platform’s liability insurance rules and regulations? Then this article might help you.

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So first let me define then we will break it down.

What Does Amazon.com Services LLC & Its Affiliates & Assignees Mean?

Let’s break down Amazon.com Services LLC & Its Affiliates & Assignees

Defining the Terminology:

  • Amazon.com Services LLC: This refers to the legal entity managing the Amazon platform. It’s the corporate structure responsible for overseeing the services provided to both sellers and customers. In detail about Amazon.com Service LLC.
  • Affiliates: These are related companies or entities connected to Amazon.com Services LLC. Affiliates could include subsidiaries, partners, or other associated businesses linked to the Amazon ecosystem.
  • Assignees: In a legal context, assignees are individuals or entities to whom rights or interests are transferred. In the case of Amazon sellers, it implies that the specified insurance policy should extend coverage not only to the seller but also to Amazon.com Services LLC, its affiliates, and any designated assignees.

Why “Amazon.com Services LLC and Its Affiliates and Assignees” Matters

  • Shared Responsibility: By naming Amazon.com Services LLC, its affiliates, and assignees as additional insured parties, the insurance coverage extends beyond the individual seller. This shared responsibility ensures a comprehensive approach to risk management.
  • Liability Protection: In the event of claims or legal issues arising from the sale of products on Amazon, having Amazon and its affiliates as additional insured parties means that the insurance coverage is designed to protect not only the seller but also the broader Amazon ecosystem.
  • Platform Compliance: Adhering to Amazon’s insurance requirements, including naming the specific entities as additional insured, is crucial for maintaining compliance with the platform’s policies. Failure to meet these requirements may lead to account issues or limitations.


When you see “Amazon.com Services LLC & its affiliates & assignees” in your insurance policy requirements, it signifies a collaborative approach to risk management. It ensures that the protection provided by the insurance policy extends to cover Amazon, its affiliates, and any designated assignees. As an Amazon seller, understanding and meeting these insurance requirements not only fosters a secure business environment but also aligns with the platform’s commitment to maintaining a trustworthy and safe marketplace.

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