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About ProxyFish

Cyber security is a threat that is growing over time. On average, companies are targeted more than individuals as there is more to gain from stealing confidential data from companies. ProxyFish is the perfect solution to end all your internet privacy troubles.

The brand sells its point instantly by detecting your unprotected IP address while providing top-notch services to prevent such detection in the future and save you from information leaks.

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Features Offered By ProxyFish

The unique features provided by ProxyFish make it a leading solution provider among other proxy providers.

Swift proxies

With their proxies, speed is guaranteed. While helping users protect their anonymity, their proxies provide high speeds and minimal latency.

Facilitate copping and botting

Collecting collectibles is a difficult task that can be made easier using their residential proxies that mimic residential IP addresses accurately. This way, users can make purchases without getting detected as bots and banned.

A wide variety of proxies

They provide data center, residential, mobile, and ISP proxies to select from based on your custom needs.

Choice of IP address and location

They source their IP addresses from ISPs across the globe, making the list of locations extensive and reliable to provide complete anonymity. They provide proxies from over 200+ locations and access to 120 million IP addresses. 

Extension feature

As an add-on to their proxy services, they provide all users access to their chrome and firefox extensions. They make changing proxies, unblocking sites, and using proxies in the respective browsers more straightforward. 

The mobile app version of this extension is currently under development, which will facilitate the use of proxies on a mobile device.

Complete data privacy

They do not track the use of their proxies, thereby keeping your usage completely private without leaving any trail.

Easy-to-manage proxies

Users can easily manage their proxies using the client portal that can be accessed immediately after placing the order. The delivery of proxies is also instant, making data privacy a process that takes less than minutes to set up and use. 

Customization of bulk orders

They provide an option to customize proxies according to the client’s requirements to cater to the business needs. 

Robust customer service

It is very uncomplicated to get in touch with the brand’s customer representatives through email or ticket. The live chat feature also makes it easy to connect with the brand and raise complaints or raise queries. 

Record uptime

Their uptime is what truly sets them apart from other proxy providers. They claim to have a 99.5% uptime, which is a greater claim than any other proxy provider.

Digitalized payments

The brand allows users to pay for proxy plans using digital currencies like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies along with payment interfaces like Paypal, making the entire process digital.

ProxyFish provides a wide range of services catering to most data security needs. Not only are they efficient, but they also provide added perks such as proxy extensions and a soon-to-be-released mobile app. They are competitively placed and have a large and fast-working pool of proxies.

ProxyFish Pricing & Plans

Residential Proxies

  • Residential Proxies One Time Trial plan costs $3/GB one time.
  • Residential Proxies Standard plan costs $5/GB per month.
  • Residential Proxies Premium plan costs $13/GB per month.

Sprint ISP Proxies

  • 1 Sprint ISP proxy costs $3/USD.
  • 3 Sprint ISP proxies cost $9/USD.
  • 5 Sprint ISP proxies cost $15/USD.
  • 10 Sprint ISP proxies cost $30/USD.
  • 15 Sprint ISP proxies cost $45/USD.
  • 20 Sprint ISP proxies cost $60/USD.
  • 30 Sprint ISP proxies cost $90/USD.
  • 50 Sprint ISP proxies cost $150/USD.
  • 100 Sprint ISP proxies cost $300/USD.

Cogent ISP Proxies

  • 1 Cogent Proxy costs $3/USD.
  • 3 Cogent Proxies costs $9/USD.
  • 5 Cogent Proxies costs $15/USD.
  • 10 Cogent Proxies costs $30/USD.
  • 15 Cogent Proxies costs $45/USD.
  • 30 Cogent Proxies costs $90/USD.
  • 50 Cogent Proxies costs $150/USD.
  • 100 Cogent Proxies costs $300/USD.

Datacenter(Socks) Proxies

  • 1 Socks Proxy costs $3.5/USD.
  • 3 Socks Proxies costs $10.50/USD.
  • 5 Socks Proxies costs $15/USD.
  • 10 Socks Proxies costs $30/USD.
  • 15 Socks Proxies costs $45/USD.
  • 20 Socks Proxies costs $60/USD.
  • 30 Socks Proxies costs $85/USD.
  • 50 Socks Proxies costs $140/USD.
  • 100 Socks Proxies costs $275/USD.

Proxyfish Alternatives

Similar to Proxyfish, there are a number of decent tools available. There are so many options available that it can be difficult to choose the right one. The list of alternatives we’ve curated is here to help. 

ProxyFish FAQs

What type of payment methods does ProxyFish accept?

ProxyFish accepts different types of payments like credit cards, bitcoin, and PayPal.

What is the ProxyFish Refund Policy?

Unfortunately, ProxyFish does not offer refunds due to the intangibility of the services it provides and the fact that ProxyFish does not monitor customer activities. In some cases, a store credit can be issued.

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