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Are you looking for industry-leading Residential and Datacenter proxies? Do you need a premium proxy with good web support? Then check out Hype Proxies. Looking for a Hype Proxies coupon code? Then check out the discounts section below.

About Hype Proxies

As internet users grow, so does the threat of phishing, virus, tracking, and identity theft from several other digital challenges.

Hype proxies provide complete cybersecurity solutions through their residential and data center proxies. They also supply captcha proxies that help in generating easy-to-solve, one-click captchas.

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Features Provided By Hype Proxies

What sets Hype proxies art from its competitors is its excellent products, speed, and unrivaled features. 


Using Hype Proxies’ services, generating proxies is neither time-taking nor difficult. Everything can be done within seconds with just two clicks.

High speed

Hype proxies provide residential proxies that run at data center speeds. They provide the fastest residential proxies available presently.

Facilitate copping

Their sneaker servers make collecting collectibles that are difficult to attain extremely easy through their unbanned proxies.

Proprietary software

With their proxies, you can rest assured that you will never lose out on a speedy checkout. Their proprietary software makes checking out simpler and faster, helping you make swift purchases and never miss out on deals.

Variety of proxies

You can purchase residential, data center, or captcha proxies as per your requirement at affordable rates. This helps keep your location private while offering speedy services and can also facilitate the working of a bot.

Dual benefit

Hype proxies’ Hype ISP provides users with two benefits in one plan. It delivers excellent speed like a data center proxy while being completely safe and reliable like a residential proxy. This way, general browsing becomes speedy and your activity is less likely to be blocked as a bot.

Wide range of choices

There are over 30 million IP addresses to choose from, and you can select your residential proxy from the list of 60+ countries the brand offers. 

As proxies are growing in popularity, Hype Proxies is gaining rapid popularity as a provider of efficient services at competitive prices. Their easy-to-use dashboard makes managing plans and monitoring speed extremely easy.

Hype Proxies Pricing & Plans

Hype Proxies are classified into three types. They are Datacenter, Residential & Captcha. Let’s look into its monthly pricing.

Datacenter Proxies

Pricing Plan/No.Of Proxies2550100
Hype DC AIO$60/mon$100/mon$200/mon
 Hype ISP$75/mon$140/mon$250/mon

Residential Proxies

  • 2GB Hype Residential Proxies costs $38/2GB.
  • 5GB Hype Residential Proxies costs $80/5GB.
  • 10GB Hype Residential Proxies costs $120/10GB.

Captcha Proxies

  • 10 Captcha Proxies costs $15.
  • 20 Captcha Proxies costs $30.
  • 30 Captcha Proxies costs $45.

Hype Proxies Coupon Code & Discounts

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