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The internet can only be made more fun with better accessibility. The backbone of the internet is its ability to let its users reach even the farthest place they can think of. And NetNut helps you with just that. is a Residential Proxy Network (RPN) provider that lets you surf the internet with great ease. With NetNut, you can bring out more efficient search results with access to global content. In this article, let’s learn a little about NetNut and its services.

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Datacenter Proxies

This service gives you access to more than 100 thousand IP addresses in the US. Netnut guarantees flawless connection to the proxies with no downtimes that would interrupt your work.

Rotating Residential Proxies

With a whopping collection of 20 million IP addresses worldwide, this proxy service allows you to access every web page in the world. It includes both P2P and ISP proxy IP networks.

Static Residential (ISP) Proxies

This service gives you permanent access to static residential IPs, which are over 1 million. They are available for 24/7 usage with a guaranteed 100% uptime throughout your use.

How is NetNut Unique?

With the growing market of proxy IP address providers, many brands are coming up every other day. So, how is NetNut different in this pool of brands? Below are some key reasons that make NetNut stand out from the crowd.

1. Does not Rely on P2P

Unlike most of the other providers, NetNut does not rely on Peer to Peer ( P2P) networks. Instead, it works with DiViNetworks, which has a vast connection with internet service providers that further give access to proxy IP addresses. This ensures a diverse set of networks and a well-managed system that provides availability and accessibility.

2. Flexibility of Plans

NetNut gives you the flexibility of choosing their services according to your needs. There are different plans for each kind of service which you can select and change as you like and only pay for what you are actually using the provider for.

3. Faster than Other Proxy Solutions

NetNut is known for its outstanding performance in proxy IP address solutions. This is because of its successful layered management system, which acts like an intermediary that speeds up the process of accessing IP addresses and related data.

4. Secured Traffic

Websites would not be able to trace back to your own IP address when you use the NetNut connection for accessing their page. They secure the traffic entirely to the IP address and do not allow any other address to access yours or the ones related to your organization.

NetNut is the perfect place for all your RPN solutions. It gives you access to a huge database of IP addresses at affordable prices. To get a gist of NetNut’s services, you can check out their free seven-day trial.

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