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rayobyte review

Are you looking for the most reliable proxies? Looking for a US proxy provider? Then check out rayobyte.com. Looking for the Rayobyte discount code? Then check out the discounts section below.

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About Rayobyte Proxies & Products

The internet is a place with several opportunities for self-growth, upscaling of businesses, and an excellent medium for networking across the globe from your home. However, like most things, it also comes with its demerits. The threat to a user’s privacy and the possibility of data leaks cause constant concern to internet users regarding the breach of their confidential information and files.

So, the easiest way to eliminate this concern is by using proxies to surf the internet. Rayobyte provides a range of proxies customized for each user to keep you secure on the internet while providing the ultimate user experience. Rayobyte’s plethora of advanced features set it apart from its competitors, making it a preferred choice among proxy users.

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Rayobyte Features

Wide Range Of Proxies

Rayobyte provides specific proxies for specific usage to optimize user experiences, such as while using social media sites, doing market research, or analyzing business growth according to your needs. They also have a large pool of proxies to choose from.

Guaranteed Anonymity

With their proxies, the anonymity of the user is guaranteed. By using their services, you can be assured that neither hackers, your Internet Service Provider, nor the regulatory body can access your internet search history or track your activity.

Unlimited Threads

There is no limit on the connections you wish to access through Rayobyte. Each thread you request is delivered with a unique and authentic IP address. This makes each search untraceable to your location as they are routed through different servers in different parts of the globe and protects your privacy while providing value for your money.

Proxy Rotation Policy

Since the growth in demand for proxies, sites and business owners have taken it into their hands to prevent access to such proxy users. This is done using automated detection that detects and analyses IP addresses to differentiate authentic from proxy addresses. However, Rayobyte has a rotation policy that immediately reroutes your connection if the server you are on gets detected and blocked from the site you are trying to access. This way, unrestricted access to every site on the internet can be gained.

Unbeatable Speed

Rayobyte’s proxies work at a minimum speed of 1 GBPS, making them the fastest and most reliable proxy provider.

24/7 Support

Rayobyte’s customer service team works throughout the day and can be contacted at all times to resolve any issues or address any inquiries.

Easy to Manage Proxies

While Rayobyte’s proxies provide excellent service, they are also easy to control. You can choose and manage your proxies, upgrade plans, and switch servers in different locations, all from their uncomplicated control panel on your device.

No Bandwidth Limits

Using the internet without a proxy usually results in a limit put by the ISP to allow all users on their network to access data without any hitch, which hinders your productivity and access to high-speed internet. With a proxy address from Rayobyte, you can surpass this imitation and pay only for the bandwidth you use that they ensure is unrestricted.

Rayobyte Pricing & Plans

Rayobyte has different types of pricing plans. Let’s go through each one of the plans individually.

Residential Proxy Pricing & Plans

  • Rayobyte Residential Starter Plan costs $15/GB
  • Rayobyte Residential Personal Plan costs $12.5/GB
  • Rayobyte Residential Consumer Plan costs $7/GB
  • Rayobyte Residential Professional Plan costs $6/GB
  • Rayobyte Residential Business Plan costs $5/GB
  • Rayobyte Residential Corporate Plan costs $4/GB
  • Rayobyte Residential Enterprise Plan costs $3/GB
  • Rayobyte Residential Custom Plan costs $1/GB
Residential plans

Datacenter Proxy 1 Month Pricing & Plans

Plans/ProxiesStarter PlanPersonal PlanCorporate PlanEnterprise Plan
Dedicated Proxies$2.5/IP$2.13/IP$1.88/IP
Rotating Proxies$3.75/IP$3.19/IP$2.81/IP
Semi-Dedicated Proxies$1/IP$0.85/IP$0.75/IP
ISP Proxies$5/IP$4.80/IP$4.60/IP

Datacenter Proxy 3 Months Pricing Plans

Plans/ProxiesStarter PlanPersonal PlanCorporate PlanEnterprise Plan
Dedicated Proxies$2.38/IP$2.02/IP$1.78/IP
Rotating Proxies$3.56/IP$3.03/IP$2.67/IP
Semi-Dedicated Proxies$0.95/IP$0.81/IP$0.71/IP
ISP Proxies$4.75/IP$4.56/IP$4.37/IP

Datacenter Proxy 6 Months Pricing Plans

Plans/ProxiesStarter Plan Personal PlanCorporate PlanEnterprise Plan
Dedicated Proxies$2.25/IP$1.91/IP$1.69/IP
Rotating Proxies$3.38/IP$2.87/IP$2.53/IP
Semi-Dedicated Proxies$0.90/IP$0.77/IP$0.68/IP
ISP Proxies$4.50/IP$4.32/IP$4.14/IP

Datacenter Proxy 12 Months Pricing Plans

Plans/ProxiesStarter PlanPersonal PlanCorporate PlanEnterprise Plan
Dedicated Proxies$2.13/IP$1.81/IP$1.59/IP
Rotating Proxies$3.19/IP$2.71/IP$2.39/IP
Semi-Dedicated Proxies$0.85/IP$0.72/IP$0.64/IP
ISP Proxies$4.25/IP$4.08/IP$3.19/IP

Scraping Robot Pricing & Plans

  • The Scraping Robot Free Plan offers 5000 free scrapes/month.
  • The scraping Robot Business plan costs $0.0018/scrape.
  • The scraping Robot Enterprise plan costs $0.0045/scrape.

ISP Proxies Pricing & Plans

  • ISP Proxies Starter plan costs $5/IP.
  • ISP Proxies Personal plan costs $4.8/IP.
  • ISP Proxies Corporate plan costs $4.6/IP.
  • ISP Proxies Enterprise plan cost varies from plan to plan.

Mobile Proxies Pricing & Plans

  • Mobile Proxies Starter plan costs $50/mon.
  • Mobile Proxies Business plan costs $300/mon.
  • Mobile Proxies Enterprise plan costs $600/mon.

Rayobyte Review Verdict

Thus, with the increasing cyberattacks, it is essential to use a proxy service for safe surfing on the internet. Rayobyte’s competitively priced proxy plans, which cover a wide range of specific and general plans, provide a comprehensive range of services that can be used for general surfing on the web or for specific purposes like business growth, SEO research, etc.

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Rayobyte Alternatives

Similar to Rayobyte, there are a number of decent tools available. There are so many options available that it can be difficult to choose the right one. The list of alternatives we’ve curated is here to help. 

Rayobyte FAQs

Name a few locations that Rayobyte Datacenter proxies support.

Rayobyte Datacenter proxies support different locations like the UK, US, Argentina, Australia, Japan, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, etc.

Does Rayobyte Residential Proxies offer a free trial?

Yes, Rayobyte Residential proxies offer a free trial with which you can test all the proxies and decide which suits the best for your business needs.

Does Rayobyte offer HTTP, HTTP(S), and SOCKS proxies?

Yes, Rayobyte offers all three protocols with the proxy ISP pool.

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