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MerchantWords Price

MerchantWords keyword data tool and service that can help you uncover product opportunities, understand the competitive landscape, create successful marketing campaigns, increase your traffic, and ultimately, grow your sales and business.

MerchantWords offers various products to succeed in your Amazon business. The features vary with MerchantWords price and plans. They offer flexible plans to make sure customers get exactly what they need, and don’t pay for anything you don’t.

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The MerchantWords Silver plan starts at $35/mon, When opted annual plan.

MerchantWords Price & Plans

MerchantWords Annual Plans

MerchantWords Platinum Plan offers Amazon data globally and its costs $1490/yr, Gold Plan offers Amazon data on a regional level and it costs $790/yr, Silver Plan offers Amazon data from one single country and can have just one user per plan and it costs $350/yr.

PlansAnnual PricingAvail Now
Platinum$1490Avail Platinum Plan
Gold$790Avail Gold Plan
Silver$350Avail Silver Plan

MerchantWords Monthly Plans

MerchantWords Monthly Enterprise Plan cost is $749/mon, Platinum Plan cost is $149/mon, Gold Plan cost is $79/mon, Silver Plan cost is $35/mon.

PlansMonthly PricingAvail Now
Enterprise$749Avail Enterprise Plan
Platinum$149Avail Platinum Plan
Gold$79Avail Gold Plan
Silver$35Avail Silver Plan

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MerchantWords Free Trial

Unfortunately, MerchantWords does not offer any free trial to its customers. But if you sign up for an account and are not fully satisfied with the service, you can cancel within 14 days you will receive a full refund of your purchase.

MerchantWords Pricing, Plans & It’s Features

Platinum Plans and It’s Features

MerchantWords Platinum Plan gets unlimited searches per year. It is perfect for brands, investors and teams that are looking to scale.

  • The Platinum Plan offers Amazon Data Globally.
  • It has 5 seats per plan.
  • Unlimited monthly searches.
  • 10K keywords per download.
  • 500 SEO Diagnostic Reports.

Gold Plans and It’s Features

MerchantWords Gold Plan offers Amazon Data on a regional level. Here you can have just one user per plan (monthly plan) and two users per plan (annual plan).

  • The Gold Plan offers Amazon Data Regionally.
  • It has 2 seats per plan.
  • It has 1000 monthly searches.
  • 5K keywords per download.
  • 50 SEO Diagnostic Reports.

Silver Plans and It’s Features

MerchantWords Silver Plan offers Amazon Data from one single country and can have just one user per plan.

  • The Silver Plan offers Amazon Data for one Single Country.
  • It has 1 seats per plan.
  • It has 500 monthly searches.
  • 1000 keywords per download.
  • 5 SEO Diagnostic Reports.

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