iTop VPN Review: Top VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android? iTop VPN Coupon

The industry has grown and saturated with VPN providers, making it difficult to choose the right one for you. We are, however, here to give you honest evaluations based on our review team’s exhaustive research.

What can you say about iTop VPN? For us, we have got a lot to discuss their VPN service to secure your online privacy.

Here is what we found out about them, including their pros and cons. Check out our complete iTop VPN review.

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iTop VPN Overview

iTop VPN is an excellent choice for boosting the security of your connection and bringing satisfactory speeds. With the simple interface, you can access restricted content on Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services with the fastest speed internet. Its kill switch feature blocks your internet traffic after shutting down. It offers 1800+ high-quality servers in various locations and it is best suitable for gaming, streaming, and P2P. Overall iTop VPN offers a decent all-around service for the lowest price.

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iTop VPN Pros & Cons

  • Block ads, split tunneling, Kill Switch
  • Best for streaming Disney+ and Hulu, gaming like Roblox and PUBG, and downloading torrents.
  • Safe VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • 1800+ VPN servers worldwide in 100+ locations
  • You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • iTop VPN features: Block ads, split tunneling, Kill Switch, and P2P support.
  • Best VPN at a reasonable price
  • Dedicated servers for streaming, gaming, and social media
  • Only 700MB of data daily for the free version

Why should you choose iTop VPN?

iTop VPN is a comprehensive solution provider to all the above stated. Moreover, with its unique features, it takes care to solve the problems mentioned above efficiently.

FeaturesAtlas VPNiTop VPNCyber GhostHotspot SheildProton VPNExpress VPN
Number of devicesUnlimited575105
4K fast streamingYesNoNoYesNoYes
24/7 supportYesYesYesYesNoYes
WireGuard protocolYesNoYesNoYesNo
Ad blockerYesYesYesNoYesNo
PriceUSD 1.99/monUSD 0.83/monUSD 2.15/monUSD 2.99/monUSD 3.29/monUSD 6.67/mon

Complete protection

All of your browsing data can be protected with its high-level private protection system.

Server location

iTop VPN offers 1800+ high-quality servers worldwide, and 100+ locations to help you access to various sites privately and safely.

Competitive Pricing

iTop VPN provides online safety at incredibly low rates, making online privacy affordable and accessible to all. 

All-time security

Their service guarantees user privacy throughout all activity, irrespective of usage. It guarantees to hide your IP address and provides drop-free speed. 

Ultra-fast high-quality streaming

Optimized iTop VPN servers let you enjoy fast and unlimited streaming platforms.

Best Customer Support

iTop VPN guarantees excellent customer support. The friendly support team is ready to help 24/7 with any questions.

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iTop VPN Performance

When comes to a fast VPN service, refers to a service that provides satisfying internet connection speeds for its customers. Thus, requests (such as visiting websites) are not sent directly to the recipient. A VPN’s central feature is encryption and rerouting of traffic.

As a result, you transfer it to a VPN server, which makes the request on your behalf and returns it to you. Hence, reducing this VPN overhead should be one of the priorities of any fast VPN.

Best free VPN when it comes to performance as its download speeds come hand in hand even with some top paid VPNs.

  • Ping indicates the reaction time in milliseconds for your device to receive a response
  • Download speed reveals how quickly data reaches your device.
  • Upload speed shows how fast you send requests online.

Check out our test results with the iTop VPN in the below image.

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iTop VPN Features

Using iTop VPN provides multiple features to boost the anonymity of users and protect their data without compromising on speed. 

iTop VPN Specifications & Features

Specifications & FeaturesDetails
PriceStarts from $0.83/mon
Offer93% OFF on 3 Years Plan
Number of servers1800+
Kill switchYes
ProtocolsTCP, UDP, and HTTP encryption protocols. Kill switch
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android, iOS
Free PlanYes available forever
Official website:

Unlimited Usage

iTop VPN provides unlimited data and bandwidth in their plans. It facilitates restriction-free internet use without any monitoring and offers complete freedom to access the internet without geographical limitations.

Server Locations

They have over 1800 servers across the globe that are accessible to users of paid plans. While they also offer free VPN services, these are in a select few regions and are not guaranteed to keep your data private as they are accessible by all.

Server Choosing Facility

According to the user’s location, an optimized server is suggested to them to ensure that the speed and bandwidth of the internet are not disrupted and provide total value for their money. However, users can also choose a server of their choice of location from their entire list of servers globally. Only paid iTop VPN users to have access to all the servers.

Safer Sharing

Downloads and uploads of files and confidential files, even among fellow peers, can be risky over the internet. There are various points of leaks that can compromise the privacy of your information. By using iTop VPN, you can eliminate such concerns.

Launch on Startup

Do you ever worry that attackers can exploit your information within a few moments between turning on your device, connecting it to Wi-Fi, and turning on the VPN? This is a valid concern, as attackers can work fast. To address this, iTop has the feature to launch the VPN automatically when your system startup. It enables you to encrypt your online activity immediately, with no window for data leaks.

Ultimate Privacy

When data is shared, or searches are done on the internet, there is a constant risk of being monitored. With iTop VPN, you can download, upload or stream content while being 100% anonymous.

Split Tunneling

Many users are concerned that using a VPN might slow down their network connection or interfere with background apps. iTop VPN provides split tunneling, a feature that connects some of your apps to an encrypted VPN connection while letting other apps use the local internet services. It allows you to stream, share, and download simultaneously without reducing the speed of any activity.

Multiple Location Changing Facilities

iTop VPN users are allowed five simultaneous connections and seamless switching between servers in different locations to compare sites accessed from other regions while accessing content available globally.

Digital Safety

Using the internet comes with the potential threat of monitoring and data tracking by your Internet Service Providers or regulatory bodies. By using the VPN from iTop VPN, you can eliminate these concerns. A VPN provides a tunnel to your internet searches routed through a server in a different geographical location. This way, none of your e-activity can be traced back to your IP address.

No more Bandwidth Throttle

ISPs tend to control what users can view and at what speed they can work. With iTop VPN, your activity becomes anonymous, making it impossible for your ISP to track your usage. It allows for incredible speed, bandwidth, and a stable and uninterrupted connection throughout use.

Advanced Security Location Rotation

Server rotation is an advanced protection feature that helps keep one’s online activity uncompromised. With the fixed interval rotation, your activity is guaranteed to be untraceable. After a specific period, your VPN server offered by iTop VPN automatically changes to another VPN located at a different location to ensure that your surfing stays untracked by any prying eyes.

Kill Switch

When your VPN connection drops unexpectedly, which is rare, iTop VPN keeps your data safe. If the connection drops, your device is automatically disconnected from the server. This way, even if your VPN connection falters and is tracked, third parties will never trace your actual search history back to you.

Block Advertisements

Nowadays, every website is swarming with flashy advertisements that irritate and distract you from the content. Also, it can be perilous when the ads are fraudulent and lead you to malicious websites that can attack your device.

The Ads Block feature, which is provided by iTop VPN, helps you block ads, especially when you visit web pages with browsers. Permitting no pop-ups and leaving no traces for advertisers, iTop VPN for Windows returns you to the purest Internet environment with one click of connection.

No Logs Policy

The brand does not store users’ data, activity, or history online. This way, if the company’s data is ever scrutinized, there is no possibility of tracing any movement back to the users.

iTop VPN Servers

iTop VPN has distinguished features that allow users to switch between various locations. It also has an expansive list of places where its servers are located. Users can select their server, but there is a feature to find their ideal server location.

iTop VPN offers you dozens of server locations and hundreds of fast servers. It only has 1800+ servers worldwide and is spread across many countries.

As the demand and popularity, are increasing, iTop VPN planning to add more server locations.

iTop VPN Pricing & Plans

iTop VPN has 3 different types of pricing plans. Let’s go through its cost individually.

  • iTop VPN 1-month plan costs $11.99/mon.
  • iTop VPN 6 months plan costs $6.99/mon.
  • iTop VPN 1 year plan costs $3.99/mon.

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