GeoSurf Review: The Best Service for Businesses and Marketing Companies | GeoSurf Coupon

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GeoSurf Review: The Best Service for Businesses and Marketing Companies | GeoSurf Coupon

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GeoSurf Review: The Best Service for Businesses and Marketing Companies | GeoSurf Coupon

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About GeoSurf

Businesses and Marketing companies always think about strategies to expand their products in different countries. They have to find trends and buzz happening in other countries in which they sell their products.  

To do this, they use proxy service providers. Some proxy service providers help them to provide reliable and secure proxies for their purposes. GeoSurf is the best solution among such providers.

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GeoSurf offers proxies to users for geo-targeting the local content for their business. They can monitor and validate their local content in more than 2,000 locations around the globe. The company has 3.7 million IP addresses. 

GeoSurf Features

Residential IPs

GeoSurf offers more than 3 million unblocked IPS for businesses and internet professionals. They come with a high-standard and premium inbuilt IP rotation API. These IPS work by using a P2P network. Users can get access to websites without blocking themselves. 

Static Residential IPs

Users can safely browse anything on the web with these kinds of IPs. Users can enjoy high-level anonymity as they browse more than 3 million verified IPs. Nobody can trace them as they use static residential IPs offered by GeoSurf.

Mobile VPN

With GeoSurf’s Mobile VPN, users can browse locally on the web in more than 120 locations.  It assures the real local user mobile experience. Users can use this VPN on any browser and any device. 

This VPN is designed with protocols such as OpenVPN and PPTP so that it runs on Android and iOS devices safely.

What Do GeoSurf Proxies Work for?

  • Proxies for Ad Verification
  • Proxies for Instagram
  • Proxies for Sneakers
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Proxies for Craigslist 
  • Proxy Server for SEO
  • Social Listening 

Which Products Can You Buy on GeoSurf?

  • Residential IPs
  • Mobile VPN
  • Desktop VPN
  • Direct Connect 
  • Instagram Proxies
  • Ad Verification Proxies
  • Sneaker Proxies
  • Private Proxies
  • GeoSurf Toolbar
  • GeoSurf Browser Extension
  • Static Residential IPs

GeoSurf Pricing Plans

  • GeoSurf Explorer Pricing Plan costs $300/mon.
  • GeoSurf Starter Pricing Plan costs $450/mon.
  • GeoSurf Professional Pricing Plan costs $900/mon.
  • GeoSurf Plus Pricing Plan costs $2000/mon.
  • GeoSurf Enterprise Pricing Plan cost varies from person to person.

Who Can Use GeoSurf?

  • Business enterprises 
  • Marketing professionals
  • Media Professionals 
  • Social Media Marketers/Managers 
  • Internet Professionals
  • App Developers 
  • Web Designers/Developers 

GeoSurf Pros

  • Safe and reliable proxies
  • Can get media and other content from more than 2,000 locations around the world
  • The largest pool of IPS
  • Easy to use
  • Simple and elegant dashboard
  • GeoSurf Browse Extension 
  • Fast customer service 
  • Legal IP addresses are available for all cities around the globe
  • High-end level anonymity 
  • Fast Browsing 
  • API supports multiple programming languages 
  • Can blacklist and whitelist IPs
  • Compatible Mobile VPN with Android and iOS devices
  • Mobile VPN can run on any mobile app
  • Can easily switch between proxies
  • Can smoothly switch countries and locations 
  • It saves you money and time 
  • Easy setup for proxies
  • Transparent and flexible service 

GeoSurf Cons

  • Expensive pricing plans
  • Only supports HTTPS, not SOCKS5
  • Mobile IPS is not available 
  • Little confusing user interface while using on mobile
  • Can’t use for Netflix or other streaming sites

GeoSurf Review Verdict

With the largest collections of Residential IPs and Static Residential IPs, GeoSurf offers safe browsing in numerous locations around the world. Business owners and other professionals can monitor, validate, and control their geo-targeted content regarding their products/ brands and can make good decisions for a better future for their companies. 

GeoSurf FAQs

Can I cancel my GeoSurf subscription at any time?

Yes, If you are not satisfied with your subscription, you can cancel your plan at any time by just contacting the GeoSurf support team.

What payment methods does GeoSurf support?

GeoSurf accepts payment methods like credit cards & PayPal.

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