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About AirVPN

AirVPN is a one-stop destination for providing a robust shield to the users’ communication from unauthorized access. It creates an impenetrable channel to prevent spy attacks by Internet Service providers and criminal firms. It doesn’t even allow the government to have access to your web information.

It offers numerous essential features to the users. It ranges from different addresses for entry & exit to high-quality customer support to the users. You can get the most from their multiple packages available at affordable rates.

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Why Choose AirVPN?

Here is the list of several factors indicating that AirVPN has the edge over other companies offering VPNs.

  1. It gives the advantage of operating five simultaneous connections for each account. You can utilize their unlimited as well as free server switches to get the benefits of a VPN.
  2. You don’t need to face any traffic and time limits. It permits you to obtain access to every exit node.
  3. You can get optional block lists to protect your system from ads, trackers, malicious sources, and adware.
  4. It doesn’t offer any maximum speed limit as it is dependent on the server load. It also provides DDNs and forwarded ports to offer optimization for your software.
  5. An exciting part about AirVPN is that they don’t demand the personal data of the users. You can easily open an account without entering personal information and e-mail address.
  6. This VPN utilizes WireGuard and OpenVPN to create a connection between its servers and users’ computers. OpenVPN is the most effective and reliable solution for encrypted channels as it offers a tremendous level of security.
  7. The company also maintains transparency in the allocation of its bandwidth. It helps you in getting a complete performance evaluation that you can attain. It further eliminates overbooking and overselling.

Advantages of Using AirVPN

AirVPN furnishes benefits to the users that allow them to surf anonymously and also give protection against data miners and snoopers. Further advantages are listed below.

  1. It makes it possible for you to hide your IP. You can obtain a new IP address so that you can hide your identity from third-party sites. It gets difficult for even your ISP to track the traffic and protocols you are using to surf the Internet.
  2. It doesn’t log and monitor your activities at the time of Internet surfing.
  3. It gives the flexibility to make a connection with any available wireless network. Your data also remains protected from intruders.
  4. It promotes equality among different protocols. You are free to use any application, service, or protocol.
  5. You can also avail the port forwarding service. This facility is beneficial for the better performance of some apps. In the absence of port forwarding, their services cannot reach your desktop from the Internet.
  6. AirVPN also has multiple connection types. Moreover, your data is also protected using highly strong encryption ciphers. It uses perfect forward secrecy for the best customer experience.

AirVPN is an advanced network that can be operated on all types of systems. You can buy their plans starting from €7 for one month to €49 for the entire year. Further, the company also respects net neutrality and evades censorship and traffic shaping.

AirVPN Pricing & Plans

  • AirVPN 3 days plan costs 2euros/mon.
  • AirVPN 1 month plan costs 7euros/mon.
  • AirVPN 3 months plan costs 15euros/mon.
  • AirVPN 6 months plan costs 29euros/mon.
  • AirVPN 1 year plan costs 49euros/mon.
  • AirVPN 2 years plan costs 79euros/mon.
  • AirVPN 3 years plan costs 99euros/mon.

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