3 Perfect Free Alternatives For Viral Launch

Are you an Amazon seller searching for affordable and efficient Amazon product research tools? Viral Launch is a popular choice, but it might not fit everyone’s budget. Worry not! There are several free alternatives that can help you find profitable products to sell on Amazon, optimize listings, gather reviews, and analyze sales.

In this article, we’ll explore three excellent free alternatives to Viral Launch:

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Comprehensive Market and Product Research


Algopix is a fantastic solution for online sellers looking to dive deep into demand analysis and discover profitable products to sell on Amazon. It offers a range of free features and a basic plan that doesn’t even require your card details.

Free ASIN and UPC Converters

Algopix provides users with free ASIN to UPC, ASIN to EAN, and EAN to UPC converters, making it easy to manage product identifiers on Amazon.

Generous Basic Plan

With the basic plan, you can research up to 10 products per day. For those needing more extensive research, the Amazon Community plan offers up to 1000 products per day.

Algopix Solutions

Algopix offers a variety of features, such as Single Product Analysis, Multi-Product Analysis, Store Analysis, Brand Identify By Keywords, and API, making it a versatile option for Amazon sellers.

Free Plan and Pricing

Algopix’s free plan allows you to analyze up to 10 products per day without requiring any payment information. If you need more extensive product analysis, they offer two paid plans: Basic ($19.99/month) and Premium ($34.99/month). Both paid plans provide additional features such as bulk analysis, marketplace support, and an increased daily limit on product analysis.

Find Winning Products on Amazon


Amazeowl is another fantastic alternative, designed to help you find winning products on Amazon. With a database of over 600 million items across 11 marketplaces, Amazeowl can monitor the market and track competitor strategies.

Free Starter Plan

Amazeowl’s free Starter plan offers one tracked niche, three keywords monitoring, 1000 niches auto-updates, and 10 keyword research. Although the loading speed is slow, you’ll receive excellent customer support.

10 Days Product Training

New users get 10 days of product training included in all Amazeowl plans, ensuring you’re equipped to find the best products on Amazon. No credit card is required to sign up.

Free Plan and Pricing

Amazeowl’s free Starter plan is perfect for those just starting out with Amazon product research. If you need more features, they offer two paid plans: Growth ($14.99/month) and Established ($49.99/month). These plans offer additional tracked niches, keywords monitoring, product database access, and faster loading speeds.

Monitor Competitor Inventory and Sales


Sellcaster.net is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor competitor inventory, sales, and find profitable opportunities on Amazon. You can research and restock any product on the Amazon website with Sellcaster.net.

Competitor Inventory & Sales Analysis

Sellcaster.net offers a free plan with access to estimated sales, profit & fee calculators, competitor inventory tracking (limited to 8 uses per day), and support for all Amazon marketplaces.

Wide Coverage

With coverage across 11 Amazon marketplaces and a database of over 100 million products, Sellcaster.net can help you forecast demand accurately and find the best opportunities for your Amazon store.

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