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storm-proxies review

If you are a beginner proxy user or a small web scraper, you don’t want to rely upon premium and expensive proxy service providers. To hide your online identity, you need a top-notch yet cheap option for your small tasks. Don’t you? Looking for the Storm Proxies Coupon Code? Then check out the discount section below.

In this case, Storm Proxies will help you to achieve your goals be it opening bulk accounts on social media sites or browsing the web while hiding your IP address. 

Storm Proxies have their own limitations. However, it gives cheap options for rotating residential proxies and other proxy services.

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What are Storm Proxies?

Storm Proxies work as a proxy service provider. This service provider was established in 2016.  It is popular for offering Backconnect Rotating Residential proxies and other proxy services at cheap prices.

You can use 200,000+ rotating reverse proxies at affordable prices. Storm Proxies are known as fast proxy servers with a 1 GB network. With Unlimited bandwidth, you get faster proxies with 100% highly anonymous. 

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Which Types of Proxies Do Provide Storm Proxies?

  1. Dedicated Rotating Proxies 
  2. Residential Rotating Proxies
  3. Sneaker Sites Residential Proxies
  4. Tickets Sites Residential Proxies
  5. General Dedicated Proxies
  6. Social Sites Proxies 

Storm Proxies Features

High Speed

The proxy service provider works faster and offers a 1 GB network for high-standard performance

Unlimited Bandwidth

You can access unlimited bandwidth of any proxy. The app will not charge any hidden costs. 

Instant Delivery

You don’t need to wait for proxies setup or account activation. Storm Proxies gives automatic and instant access after you pay for their service. 

Easy to Use

Their service is easy to use after they set up any proxies for your needs. You don’t need to work much over the technical part. 

Multiple Thread Support

You get five dedicated proxies along with multiple thread support. 

HTTPS Support

The app supports HTTPS and HTTPS. So that you can browse your online activity safely and without any threat from hackers.

IP Authentication System

The app uses the IP Authentication system to keep its users safe.  

Fresh IP Access

When you request fresh HTTP every time, you will get a new IP after every request.

Private Dedicated IPS

The app uses rotating private data center IP addresses to protect its users’ privacy with premium quality.

Premium Support 

Storm Proxies offer 24×7 premium support for their users. If you have issues with their proxies, you can just send an email to their customer support.

Storm Proxies Pricing & Plans

Storm Proxies are classified into different types. Let’s go through each one of the pricing individually.

Dedicated Rotating Proxies

  • Dedicated Rotating Proxies 40 threads cost $39/mon.
  • Dedicated Rotating Proxies 80 threads cost $59/mon.
  • Dedicated Rotating Proxies 150 threads cost $97/mon.

Residential Rotating Proxies

  • 5 Ports Residential Rotating Proxies costs $50/mon.
  • 10 Ports Residential Rotating Proxies costs $90/mon.
  • 20 Ports Residential Rotating Proxies costs $160/mon.
  • 50 Ports Residential Rotating Proxies costs $300/mon.

Sneaker Residential Proxies

  • 20 Ports of Sneaker Proxies costs $160/mon.
  • 50 Ports of Sneaker Proxies costs $300/mon.
  • 100 Ports of Sneaker Proxies costs $550/mon.
  • 200 Ports of Sneaker Proxies costs $900/mon.

Tickets Sites Residential proxies

  • 20 Ports of Ticketing Proxies costs $160/mon.
  • 50 Ports of Ticketing Proxies costs $300/mon.
  • 100 Ports of Ticketing Proxies costs $550/mon.
  • 200 Ports of Ticketing Proxies costs $900/mon.

Storm Proxies Pros & Cons

  • Affordable pricing plans.
  • Faster residential proxies.
  • Easy to use.
  • Accepts IP rotation.
  • IP Authentication.
  • Keeps high-standard anonymity.
  • Instant automatic delivery of services after account activation.
  • 24/7 email support.
  • More than 200,000 rotating reverse proxies.
  • Social media proxies.
  • Amazing scraping performance.
  • Higher speed and performance.
  • Simple dashboard.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Limited geotargeting.
  • The app doesn’t offer thousands of IP addresses for each account.
  • They don’t provide Socks Proxies.

Storm Proxies Alternatives

Similar to Storm Proxies, there are a number of decent tools available. There are so many options available that it can be difficult to choose the right one. The list of alternatives we’ve curated is here to help. 

  • MicroLeaves
  • SmartProxy
  • Luminati
  • Shifter
  • Soax

Storm Proxies Review Verdict

For small tasks like web scraping or secret web browsing, a proper working proxy server is a must for the user. Storm Proxies gives you a wonderful service with numerous rotating reverse proxies along with high speed and top-notch anonymity. 

Storm Proxies FAQs

Does Storm Proxies offer a Refund policy?

Yes, If you are unsatisfied with your subscription, you can cancel your plan and you will get your money back within 2 days. But Storm Proxies does not offer any kind of free trial.

What are the different types storm proxies provide?

In Storm Proxies, you will find a comprehensive list of Residential, Rotating, and Dedicated Proxies.

What type of payment methods do storm proxies accept?

Strom Proxies accepts payment methods through VISA, Master card, Discover Network, American Express, and Paypal.

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