SmartScout Brand Finder: A Comprehensive Guide for Amazon FBA Sellers

In Amazon FBA selling, identifying and sourcing profitable brands is crucial. While tools like JungleScout and Helium10 are known for their robust capabilities in some areas, SmartScout emerges as the premier choice for brand hunting. Offering a richer set of features and deeper insights, SmartScout excels not only in brand discovery but also in wholesale sourcing.

Its unique features provide detailed data that are invaluable for sellers looking to navigate the complexities of the market efficiently. Unlike its competitors, SmartScout simplifies the process of finding and analyzing brands that yield high returns, making it an indispensable tool for serious Amazon sellers.

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Supported Marketplaces

SmartScout supports a wide array of Amazon marketplaces including the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, and Japan.

Navigating the SmartScout Dashboard

The SmartScout dashboard is intuitively designed with all features accessible from the left sidebar. For brand discovery, simply click on the “Brands” option. This reveals a comprehensive list of brands, which can be refined using the smart filter tab located at the top of the page.

The results are shown under the smart filter tab.

Key Features and Tools

Here are the filters of the Smart Filters tab.

  • Smart Filters:
    • Brand: Filter by specific names or multiple brands.
    • Category: Sort according to product categories.
    • Amazon In-Stock Rate: View current stock levels.
    • Average Selling Price: Check the average selling price of products.
    • Monthly Revenue: Monitor revenue generated by SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).
    • Product Size: Get details on average product dimensions.
    • Review Metrics: Analyze average review ratings and total review counts.
    • Product Count: See total product numbers in Amazon’s inventory.
    • FBA Sellers: Count of FBA competitors.
    • Brand Score: Assess the overall brand score based on performance metrics.

Once filters are applied, the brand list updates to show details such as the primary sub-category, Amazon stock rates, average price, dominant seller country, seller names, sales percentages, and many more.

It is better to avoid products that is Dominated by the seller named Amazon.

Exploring Further with SmartScout

Each brand entry features a search icon, providing access to a deeper dive into various aspects such as brand dashboard, Product, brand seller, brand Subcategories,  brand sealing marketplaces, brand scope, brand suppliers, and more.

  • Brand Dashboard: Overview of sales, revenue, and review metrics.
  • Products: Detailed information including ASIN, rank, stock levels, number of sellers, BuyBox price, and estimated revenue.
  • Sellers: Insights into seller performance and revenue.
  • Marketplace Analysis: Country-specific revenue and performance metrics.
  • Suppliers: Contact details and other relevant information about product suppliers.

You cannot find these many insights in other tools like Jungle Scout, Helium 10 or other FBA tools.

Check all the in-depth details mentioned above and choose the brands. 

Finalizing Your Product Selections

Once you have selected a brand, begin a thorough analysis of their product offerings. Each product in the brand’s list is accompanied by a search icon. Clicking on this icon reveals comprehensive details including monthly sales, average revenue, seller information, Buy Box prices, and price history.

Review all these product details meticulously to make informed choices about which products to pursue.

Initiating Purchases

After finalizing your product selections, proceed to establish contact with the brand, wholesaler, or distributor. This step is essential for negotiating bulk purchases that you can then list and sell on Amazon.

By following this process, you ensure a strategic approach to stock selection, optimized for profitability and market demand.


By leveraging SmartScout’s extensive data and features, Amazon FBA sellers can effectively identify and capitalize on profitable brands and products, optimizing their sourcing strategy and enhancing their marketplace success.

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