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About Shifter

Datacenter proxies, residential proxies, APIs for online scraping, search engine data collection, and cloud infrastructure services are essential. They help you run your business smoothly.

Shifter wants to make data collecting easier for global leaders and start-ups. The business started as a proxy service but has now developed into a full-service provider for data-driven companies.

The above-mentioned essential business products are all part of Shifter’s entire product package. The organization has offered core data infrastructure and proxy services for more than ten years that have been a reliable source for many businesses. All products are compatible with various sectors, and Shifter’s product suite covers them entirely.

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Features Of Shifter

Shifter helps you grow your company by allowing you to focus on the crucial aspects of your business. Here are some of the best features of Shifter that make it a unique choice for your requirements.

1.    99.99% Uptime

You get uptime of up to 99.99%. It ensures that the application has top-class reliability. The company offers strong networking products, top-tier bandwidth, and excellent global connectivity, making your business run smoother.

2.    Ultra-High Speed

You can conduct business smoothly with the ultra-high speed of all the products offered. Shifter provides distributed cloud infrastructure that allows you to experience incredibly low latencies.

All the applications of Shifter have near 0ms latency thanks to the use of exclusive data centers created especially for the services and goods offered by the company.

3.    Round-the-Clock Support

24/7 Client Support is always there to help if you encounter any issues. The company’s team of specialists is available around-the-clock to assist you in your endeavors.

Technical assistance and industry knowledge are always accessible from the dedicated engineers of the company.

4.    Higher Success Rates

The company assures you superior success rates for your ventures. You may attain the best success rate thanks to the network of proxy servers and technologies.

5.    Universal Coverage

You get universal coverage with Shifter and you can use the products from anywhere at your convenience.

You can also access an international proxy network that offers coverage in every nation.

6.    Easy for Developers

Shifter built the dedicated features of the products and user-friendly SDKs with developers in mind.

It is simple to connect using a variety of protocols, such as HTTP/S and Socks 4/5.

7.    Simple to Set Up

You can utilize the simple panel or API to set up or modify the settings for your services quickly without any hassle.

The sophisticated scraping technology and proxy network are offered via a single API. They can handle everything from large-scale captcha solving to anti-bot detection.

8.    Access Numerous Sessions

When necessary, you can scale your initiatives indefinitely. The power is in your hands as the application can mold depending on your needs and requirements.

What Do You Get by Using Shifter?

Here are some additional features of Shifter that make it a reliable choice.

  • Advertisement verification ensures that your marketing strategies are effectively reaching customers.
  • Brand protection helps you protect from third-party intervention.
  • Comparative intelligence lets you make use of data effectively.
  • Data gathering helps organizations simplify their work.
  • Data integrity makes your work easier.
  • Sales Intelligence shows you deep insight.
  • It makes use of SEO Monitoring.
  • Talent sourcing capabilities are included.

Shifter is the ultimate solution for all the data collection requirements. The business offers services to Fortune 500 corporations, cutting-edge start-ups, and essential web goods.

You get global coverage and sophisticated configuration options like GEO targeting, personalized IP rotation, and low latencies, which are ideal for data extraction, offered by shifter residential proxies. All the features help your business scale and reach target growth at an enhanced pace.

Shifter Pricing & Plans

Shifter Special Rotating Proxies

  • Shifter 5 Special Rotating Proxies cost $199.99
  • Shifter 10 Special Rotating Proxies cost $299.99
  • Shifter 25 Special Rotating Proxies cost $599.99
  • Shifter 50 Special Rotating Proxies cost $1199.99

Shifter Static Residential Proxies

  • 25 Static Residential Proxies costs $74.99.
  • 50 Static Residential Proxies costs $149.99.
  • 75 Static Residential Proxies costs $224.99.
  • 100 Static Residential Proxies costs $299.99.

Shifter Sneaker Proxies

  • 25 Sneaker Residential Proxies costs $74.99.
  • 50 Sneaker Residential Proxies costs $149.99.
  • 75 Sneaker Residential Proxies costs $224.99.
  • 100 Sneaker Residential Proxies costs $299.99.

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