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Sellics Review

To Maximize your advertising potential you can use Sellics which is a cutting-edge AI-based autopilot algorithm for Amazon Advertising optimization. Check out our Sellics Review and buy using Sellics Coupon Code for the most savings.

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Sellics Review

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Sellics Review

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Sellics Review

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Sellics Review

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About Sellics

Selling on your Amazon seller’s account is not enough to make a better profit. You will need to go even deeper with your tactics to market your products for better customer reach. PPC campaigning is one of the most suitable ways to drive customers to your Amazon-listed store.

However, this task requires extra effort if done manually. So, it would be better if you make your task more time-efficient by using an automated tool. 

Well, Sellics is a perfect option for that. Sellics is a perfect amalgamation of end-to-end AI technology with PPC experts that will help your business to grow in a strategic direction. So, here is what you need to know about this amazing Amazon PPC Ad automated platform. 


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How can Sellics benefit your PPC efforts? 

Why should you go with Sellics to make your Amazon business even stronger? Well, here are some reasons that make it an ideal choice for you. 

End-to-End AI Automation 

This tool efficiently offers end-to-end AI automation for your Amazon PPC Campaign, which eliminates the need for top-notch human expertise. You can easily automate everything related to your campaign and save your time to focus more on selling. 

Personal PPC Advisor 

Get your personal PPC Advisor anytime for guidance related to your PPC campaigns. Sellics introduces you to top PPC experts who offer personal consulting to make your campaigns stronger. 

Benchmark and Intelligence Report

With Sellics, you can better learn about your performance with a customized benchmark report. The report covers more than 20000 product categories that can show your growth and cost-saving success. 

What does Sellics offer to make your PPC campaign stronger? 

Sellics come with the feature of Amazon PPC Automation to automate each of the steps in your PPC campaign optimization. With the Sellics Smart Campaign, you can easily automate your advertisements from set-up to optimization to make your job easier. 

This platform facilitates sellers with AI-based algorithms for better keyword clustering, seasonality models, sales forecasting, etc.

What are the benefits of using the AI-powered PPC Automation tool of Sellics? 

Now, by using the AI-powered PPC Automation tool from Sellics, you can unleash many opportunities to boost your sales. So, here are a few benefits of this tool. 

  • Time-efficient

With one simple click, you can create completely automated campaigns for each of your products, ultimately saving your time.

  • Easy optimization with complex pattern recognition 

The AI technology of Sellics is highly efficient in connecting all the dots of your PPC campaign, which can be tougher to do manually. The platform identifies all complex patterns to further improve your selling efforts. 

  • Achieves the desired aim quickly

With Sellics AI Automation, one can excel in multiple areas of PPC campaigns. From driving sales, saving unnecessary expenses, to ACoS improvement, you can do everything with this tool. 

How does Sellics help in improving your PPC business? 

The AI tool Sellics offer comes with multiple features that help you perform better with lesser effort. Here are the features it offers. 

  • Keyword harvesting

Sellics help you do automatic research for new keywords that can effectively grow your customer reach. With highly efficient keywords, you can improve your sales. The tool also adds negative keywords that can help you save your cost. 

  • Automated Bidding 

You can boost your campaign with automatic bidding based on keyword clustering, seasonality analysis, revenue per click prediction, and forecasting of sales attribution. 

  • ACOS Optimization 

The AI tools by Sellics help in better optimization for all integral parts of your campaign. With this platform, you can impressively achieve the ACoS target. 

  • Rule-based Amazon PPC optimization

Having complete control over your PPC campaign automation is always effective. Well, with Sellics, you need not worry about anything. It lets you build your own rules so that you can create your own logic for automation. 

  • Bidding Rules

You can drive better sales with high-end performing keywords while decreasing the CPC for lesser effective ones. You can customize your rules to bid to strengthen your risk profile and strategy or budget. 

  • Targeting Rules

With Sellics, you can import your Amazon Auto campaigns for better harvesting of keywords for relevant products to witness direct targeting. 

  • Customized Rules

You can set up your rule builder to create optimized algorithms. With Sellics, you can easily find new and organic keywords, launch your new products, and improve your market share. 

  • Sellics Benchmarker

With Sellics benchmarker, you can easily touch your PPC growth opportunities with one simple click. So, what does Sellics Benchmarker offer? 

  • First of all, it is completely free. 
  • Offers a detailed scorecard for all your products
  • A detailed benchmark for at least 20000 categories 
  • Get access to monthly trends
  • Sellics Insight Center 

The service of Sellics is not only limited to its tools. It also offers deeper insights that can improve your business in a noteworthy way. 

You can tap into a pool of information through industry-leading articles, PPC guides, and case studies and improve your PPC performance. 

  • Advertising readiness

Sellics lets you build your strength over your PPC campaign using some powerful modules. Here is how you can make your Amazon selling even stronger. 

  • SEO: Sellics present you with all SEO tools that are necessary for keyword research and product listing optimization. 
  • Profit: You can see all your real-time sales data and profit on Amazon to further leverage your business. 
  • Reviews: With Sellics, you can see all your customers’ reviews about your products on a simple dashboard. 

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Sellics Pricing & Plans

The pricing schemes at Sellics are highly affordable, which makes it a great choice for both small-scale and large-scale businesses.

Have a look at its pricing plans: 

  • Sellics Starter plan costs $250/mon.
  • Sellics Growth plan costs $550/mon.
  • Sellics Pro plan costs $550/mon.
  • Sellics Enterprise plan varies from plan to plan.

Well, to run a successful PPC campaign on your Amazon store, it takes a lot of effort to get to the pinnacle of success. But would you let your other tasks suffer due to the lack of attention for your full-time focus on PPC marketing? No, right! Thus, availing yourself of Amazon PPC automation services from Sellics is a good option to opt for.

Best Sellics Alternatives

There are a number of decent tools out there that offer similar services as Sellics. It can be difficult to choose the best from so many options. 

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools. 

It is always suggestable to compare Sellics with these alternatives before you buy.

  1. Helium 10
  2. Jungle Scout
  3. Viral Launch
  4. AMZScout

Sellics FAQs

Does Sellics offer a free trial?

Yes, Sellics provides a 14-day free trial. You can choose any one of the Sellics plans and try it out and it will be easy for you to choose the best one.

What are the advantages of using Sellics?

Sellics can be used for a wide variety of reasons. Among them are:  
1. Analyze your sales and traffic to find out what’s working.
2. Get the best results from your ads by easily optimizing them.
3. Keeping your ads running when they are most effective is the best way to maximize their effectiveness.
4. You’ll receive notifications when your advertisements are performing well.

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