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Sellics Price

Sellics offers powerful automation tools combined with the insights of personal PPC advisors to help you scale your business and reach your full potential. Sellics Smart Campaigns feature makes it easy to grow your business with automated optimizations.

The Sellics Price starts at $259/mon. Sellics offers a Free Trial.

Sellics offers SELLICS BENCHMARKER Plan Free for everyone to launch a successful eCommerce business.

Access to the Sellics comprehensive library of free tools and resources to start and grow your business on Amazon. List of free resources

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Pricing starts at $259/mon

Sellics Price & Plans

Sellics has 3 different Pricing Plans. You can pay these either quarterly or annually.

Pay annually and Save 25%. Avail the deal soon!!

Sellics Annual Plans

If you choose Sellics Annual Plans, you’ll get 25% OFF on them. You’ll get all the same plans as indicated in the below table.

PlansAnnual PricingAvail Now
Sellics Benchmarker$0/yrGet the Free Trial
Advertising Advisor$259/monCheck out Advertising Advisor Plan
Managed Services$1249/monCheck out Managed Services Plan

Sellics Quarterly Plans

Below is the Pricing for all three different Sellics quarterly plans and their cost. This also includes a Free Plan and you can upgrade at any time.

PlansQuarterly PricingAvail Now
Sellics Benchmarker$0/monGet the Free Trial
Advertising Advisor$349/monCheck out Advertising Advisor Plan
Managed Services$1599/monCheck out Managed Services Plan

Sellics Price, Plans & Its Features

Sellics is the leading Amazon growth software used by thousands of brands and agencies. Master Amazon PPC, SEO & more! So, let’s dive into each Pricing Plan individually, so that you can easily choose which plan is best for you.

Sellics Benchmarker and Its Features

Grab Sellics Free trial by choosing Benchmarker either quarterly or annual plans. If you want to check out the tools which are best for you and whether they are reaching your expectations or not, a free trial is the best option for you.

  • You can get free access to Sellics Benchmarker Report.
  • Evaluating Market-Leading PPC.
  • You can Benchmark up to 20K Product Categories.

Sellics Advertising Advisor and It’s Features

Sellics Advertising Advisor plan provides PPC automation for Amazon with Sellics Smart Campaigns and monthly PPC advisor guidance. It includes everything from the sellics benchmarker plan along with the below features. This plan is best for most advertisers.

  • Sellics Smart Campaigns[Beta].
  • It provides Personalized Platform Onboarding & Coaching.
  • It can calculate Monthly Performance Reviews.
  • You can get access to the Sellics Platform with Advertising Readiness Features (SEO, Reviews, Profit).

Sellics Managed Services Plan and Its Features

Managed Services team of Amazon PPC specialists optimizes your account without the fee of an agency. It has all features from Advertising Advisor along with the extra features. This plan is the best option for large advertisers.

  • You can hands-on PPC Management
  • Campaign Set-Up
  • Personalized Ongoing PPC Optimization
  • Regular KPI Reporting & Goal Measurement

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Sellics FAQ’s

What Payment methods does Sellics support?

Sellics supports two types of payment methods.
1. Monthly
2. Annual

Does Sellics support any particular operating system?

Yes, Sellics supports the following operating systems.
1. Web App
2. Windows

What are the Marketplaces supported by Sellics?

The goal of Sellics is to serve as many of these new markets as possible, as Amazon is constantly expanding into new marketplaces. Below is the list of markets that can be accessed for PPC Advertising data and ASIN data.

Markets Available:
United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, India.

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