ScoutIQ Review: The Unique Way of Selling Amazon Books. ScoutIQ Coupon

ScoutIQ Review

As a professional Amazon seller, if you want to sell Amazon books, you don’t know about trending books in the market. You have to research carefully to know about bestselling books on Amazon.  It is a nice thing that you gather correct information from Amazon and other related sites regarding bookselling. But you can take the help of an amazing app – ScoutIQ to gain more profits in Amazon Book Selling.

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ScoutIQ Review: The Unique Way of Selling Amazon Books. ScoutIQ Coupon

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ScoutIQ Review: The Unique Way of Selling Amazon Books. ScoutIQ Coupon

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ScoutIQ Review: The Unique Way of Selling Amazon Books. ScoutIQ Coupon

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ScoutIQ Review: The Unique Way of Selling Amazon Books. ScoutIQ Coupon

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ScoutIQ Review: The Unique Way of Selling Amazon Books. ScoutIQ Coupon

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ScoutIQ Review: The Unique Way of Selling Amazon Books. ScoutIQ Coupon

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Simple Steps to Redeem ScoutIQ Coupon Code?

Just follow the below simple steps to avail ScoutIQ Coupon Code

Step 1: Visit the official website of ScoutIQ and go to the pricing page.

Step 2: After entering the pricing page click on the Start Free Trial button.

Step 3: Enter your email Id and click on Next.

Step 4: Create your account by filling in the details and click on the Select your plan button.

Step 5: Choose your ScoutIQ pricing plans and click on the Choose Plan button.

Step 6: Paste your coupon code in the coupon field and complete your payment process by entering your card details. Once you are done click on Get Started button.

Step 7: That’s it! Enjoy your discounts.

Checkout out our thoughts

Pros and Cons of ScoutIQ

  • ScoutIQ is very fast. Scanning books is as fast as picking them up when you use a Bluetooth scanner.
  • The app works even when you have no cell phone reception because it exists on your device, not in the cloud.
  • You can access their data with a smartphone – iPhone or Android.
  • Only app with eScore, a proprietary data point that helps you know how many days the book has sold in the past 6 months.
  • Find profitable products quickly.
  • This app is not perfect, but it does a good job of approximating the lowest FBA price.
  • To build a team, you will still need to pay for additional licenses.
  • With the daily updates of data, you will never be working with up-to-date information but if a book met your purchasing criteria two days ago it is likely that they still have not missed its target audience. Plus Amazon’s warehouse can take a while before sending out books so there’s always some lag in pricing changes and availability on this site

What is ScoutIQ?

ScoutIQ is an app that allows sellers to scan books and sell them on Amazon. You can find profitable books or any items by scanning them to check whether they are profitable or not on Amazon. You can run the Bluetooth barcode scanner or use your phone’s camera to do so.

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How does it work?

  1. First, Download the database of books on your phone.
  2. Then, scan those books to see their profits on Amazon.
  3. Buy and list/ send off those books to Amazon Warehouse.
  4. Sell those books via Amazon to gain profit.

ScoutIQ Features


eScore shows you the data of sold books past 180 days with the real profit. It can prevent you from having the false rank of sold books. Also, eScore shows you how many books are required to put in your shopping cart.

Smart Triggers

Amazon doesn’t show the ‘Prime Price’ of most of the books to other apps due to Amazon’s API limitations. But ScoutIQ displays Prime Prices, Amazon Prices, the Used Buy Box, and all Used Prices via its smart triggers.

These triggers determine correct results about the profit of books. So, it deducts Amazon fees and Shipping prices to get the estimated net profit of the books.  This feature applies to FBA and Merchants Fulfilled items as well.

Downloadable Database

Its database mode allows you to download or scan the data of books five times faster. You can access this data offline as it doesn’t need a Wi-Fi signal or any cell service.  This database updates twice a day to show the latest pricing information of books.

ScoutIQ Speed Mode

Its newly enabled speed mode will let you scan books faster along with watching related data by using your phone’s camera. You can scan books with their data via OCR or barcode with this speed mode.

Crowd-Sourced Data

You can add new books to its database by scouting its data using the live mode. The sellers won’t have to find those books in live mode next time around as the app adds them quickly into its database.

Live Lookups for All Products

As an Amazon professional seller, you can scan other items along with books via this app. You can look up these items with the barcode by using live mode.  Sellers who don’t use the barcode can search items by the ASIN search or the title search.


The app allows you to smartly identify books that will have a guaranteed buyback price. You can do this by using the database mode too.

Profit First

The app always thinks about your profit by selling books then theirs sales prices. Its smart triggers help you to find profitable books easily and faster.

US Based Customer Service

You can access its US-based customer service via email, Facebook, or the chart service for any issue regarding this app. Its customer service is always willing to help you to solve critical issues with its professional experts.

Bluetooth Scanner Friendly

The app is Bluetooth Scanner Friendly as you can scan books by using the Bluetooth Barcode scanner.

Wholesale Partnership

The app has partnered with the wholesale buyback service named Sell Back Your Book (SBYB). SBYB is a well-known book buyback company that has more than 10 million dollars payouts.  This company offers prices in cash. You can add these prices to your cart with a single click.  You can earn money with this wholesale online book buyback company anytime.

ScoutIQ Shop

Recently, the app has started its own shop where you can buy various items at affordable prices.

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Try any plan free for 14 days.

ScoutIQ Pricing Plans

Talking about pricing plans, ScoutIQ comes with two types of pricing plans-

  • Live mode + database and
  • Live mode.

ScoutIQ Live + Database Plan

  • ScoutIQ Monthly Live + Database Plan costs $44/mon.
  • ScoutIQ Annual Live + Database Plan (Save up to 18%) costs $36/mon.

ScoutIQ Live only Plan

  • ScoutIQ Monthly Live Plan costs $14/mon.
  • ScoutIQ Annual Live Plan costs ( Save up to 29%) $10/mon.

ScoutIQ Free Trial

ScoutIQ is providing a Free trial for 14 days with which you can try out all the scoutiq pricing plans and decide which suits you the best for your business needs. Just click on the below button and get started with your trial version.

ScoutIQ Alternatives

Similar to ScoutIQ, there are a number of decent tools available. There are so many options available that it can be difficult to choose the right one. The list of alternatives we’ve curated is here to help. 

ScoutIQ Review Verdict

With the ScoutIQ app, you can sell not only books but other profitable items by scanning them using your phone’s camera or the Bluetooth barcode scanner. As a professional Amazon seller, you can make a large profit by selling trendy items via this helpful app.

ScoutIQ FAQs

Does ScoutIQ offer a free trial?

Yes, ScoutIQ offers a 14-Day Free Trial. Once the free trial is over you can either subscribe to the live+database plan or live only plan.

Without a ScoutIQ coupon code, what savings can you expect?

Regardless of if you have a ScoutIQ coupon code or not, you can save as much as 29% off. You simply need to purchase a year’s plan.

What are the different countries ScoutIQ supports?

ScoutIQ supports only United States data at the moment. However, the company is actively pursuing expansion into other countries if sufficient interest is shown.

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