PrettyMerch Review: Pricing, Features & PrettyMerch Pro Promo Code

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PrettyMerch Review: Pricing, Features & PrettyMerch Pro Promo Code

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PrettyMerch Review: Pricing, Features & PrettyMerch Pro Promo Code

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PrettyMerch Free Chrome Extension

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About PrettyMerch

Prettymerch is an all-in-one Amazon merch seller tool that provides time-saving features, improved sales analytics, and a powerful product manager for Merch by Amazon. Its goal is to assist users in making faster and smarter decisions about which products to sell.

PrettyMerch Pro Chrome Extension

PrettyMerch Pro Chrome Extension is a tool for Amazon Merch on Demand sellers that offers real-time sales notifications, analytics, and a product manager. It provides insights into sales performance and helps sellers manage their listings more efficiently. It is designed to improve productivity and help sellers make data-driven decisions.

PrettyMerch Research Suite

PrettyMerch Research Suite is a product, trademark, and keyword research tool for Print on Demand sellers. It allows sellers to find profitable niches, analyze product demand, and check for trademark violations. With its advanced search options, it provides valuable insights that can help sellers optimize their listings and increase sales.

PrettyMerch Pricing & Plans

PrettyMerch Pro Chrome Extension costs $165 and PrettyMerch Research Suite costs $165

What PrettyMerch Offers?

Product Research tool

Using Product Research tool you can search titles, brands, descriptions, and ASINs, and filter products based on the marketplace, product type, status, sold or not, days until removal, price, and more.

It has the ability to browse and filter products based on their BSR and sales numbers.

Product Manager

You can also search your products by title, brand name, bullets, description, and ASIN, and filter them based on the marketplace, product type, status, sold or not, days until removal, price, and more with Product Manager

Whether you have hundreds or thousands of products, you can bulk edit or delete products that need re-pricing or have been removed.

User-Friendly Dashboard

With a user-friendly dashboard, you can get instant analytics on your daily, monthly, and all-time sales, as well as detailed breakdowns of product types, colors, fit types, and more. You can also filter products based on units sold, most royalties, returns, and other criteria.

Trademark Search

The Trademark Search feature allows you to filter words, phrases, and combinations to avoid trademark any violations. It continuously checks and stores new trademark registrations to give you the most up-to-date results in seconds.

Overall, Prettymerch is an excellent tool that can help Amazon Merch sellers save time, improve their analytics, and stay compliant with trademark regulations.

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