Perfect Privacy VPN Review: Does VPN Protects Your Privacy? Perfect Privacy Discount

Perfect privacy review

With so many VPN providers available, it can be difficult to choose the one that’s right for you. As a result of our review team’s exhaustive research, we are here to provide you with honest evaluations.

What can you say about Perfect Privacy VPN? For us, we have got a lot to discuss their VPN service.

Here is what we found out about them, including their pros and cons. Check out our complete review.

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Overview Perfect Privacy VPN Review

Perfect Privacy VPN is an excellent choice for boosting the security of your connection and bringing blazing speeds up to 10 Mbps. It encrypts using industry safety standards like OpenVPN (AES 256 bit) and IPsec, which are usable on all standard operating systems. Perfect Privacy offers new unique features like NeuroRouting and TrackStop. This serves more comfort and security. Overall Perfect Privacy VPN offers a premium VPN service with the highest security.

Perfect Privacy VPN provides 58 servers in 26 countries across the world. It is compatible with any device. You won’t have to worry about logging any files and there’s no bandwidth limit. This Perfect Privacy VPN App provides you with a high-quality VPN service for your Android device. In 2014, it launched as a Switzerland-based VPN provider.  

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Perfect Privacy Features

Complete Anonymity

Using their service guarantees complete privacy of your data and activity on the internet. It allows for safe uploads, downloads, and content streaming without the worry of any monitoring. It comes with the benefit of no restrictions based on geographical locations or any restrictions your ISP may impose.

Multiple Encryptions 

This is a unique feature provided by very few VPN providers presently. Most VPN services offer a single tunnel to a server in a different location through which your activity is routed. 

Using Perfect Privacy gives you an additional advantage of multi-hopping. This feature enables you to route your activity through 4 different servers. This makes your online presence impossible to trace and is an advanced solution to internet tracking as your data is encrypted four times.


This feature offered by Perfect Privacy ensures that your data is within the strong walls of encryption provided by the VPN. The algorithm works simultaneously as you surf the internet to determine the best route to direct your searches through based on your activity.

Customized Blocks

While most VPN providers also provide an ad blocker, Perfect Privacy takes this a notch higher. Users are given free control to choose the filters as per their requirements. You can choose to block ads, pop-ups, inappropriate content, and more. You can also prevent the tracking of your social media and interaction with unsafe sites that may have the potential threat of malware. 

This keeps your surfing experience seamless while ensuring that your device and data are safe.

Disguised as HTTPS

As VPNs grow in popularity, regulators and ISPs find different ways to track such users. Many countries have a mechanism to weed out VPN users and firewalls that prevent their access to such sites. 

To prevent this, Perfect Privacy disguises your server as an HTTPS packet, making your server’s IP address look authentic and allowing access to any restricted networks.

Kill Switch

If your VPN connection is interrupted, Perfect Privacy takes measures to protect your data. The kill switch automatically disconnects you from the network, thereby blocking any access to your private files on the device connected to the network. Three layers of protection are provided, which can be managed easily using the VPN Manager.

No Logs Policy

Not only does it keep your internet browsing safe, but it also keeps no track of your activity. Your data, activity, and history on the internet are not monitored or tracked by Perfect Privacy. This keeps your data and activity protected as all traces are erased when a server is disconnected from its network. No ISP or regulatory body can trace your searches back to you since there are no logs of your activity or proof of usage.

Variety Of VPN Protocols

You can choose a protocol that serves your purpose based on your security needs. Perfect Privacy’s service portfolio includes OpenVPN, IPsec, SSH2, HTTP proxies, and SOCKS5 proxies.

Why You Choose Perfect Privacy VPN Over Others?

Anonymity On The Internet

Remaining anonymous on the internet is not an easy task with the aggressive policies of companies and websites trying to retain customer engagement. Using a VPN, especially one like Perfect Privacy, keeps one’s identity truly private.

Non-Logging Policy

It’s essential to ensure that your VPN provider does not track your online activity, as that destroys the entire purpose of a VPN. With Perfect Privacy, you never need to worry about any monitoring or tracing as they have a strict no logging policy in place.

Beneficial For All

Although freedom of speech is guaranteed almost entirely across the globe, it is not implemented in full effect. In such situations, it becomes necessary for people of all ages and professions to disguise their online activity, which Perfect Privacy’s services can facilitate.

Comprehensive Security

Perfect Privacy’s VPN keeps you safe regardless of where you are and what kind of network you are using. It protects your data from hackers on public networks and your local regulators or ISP.

Avoid Geographical Restrictions On The Internet

By using Perfect Privacy’s VPN, you can access content from different parts of the world which may be restricted locally. It also helps avoid any possibilities of facing price differentiation based on your location.

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