Nepeto Review: Pros, Cons, Features & Pricing

I have come across many tools related to Amazon FBA in the past few years and reviewed a lot of tools, and I’m excited to share my experience with a tool called Nepeto and show you what it offers.

Honestly, I put off this review just because I liked all the features, I really didn’t know where to start with the testing and reviewing.

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Nepeto Review Overview

9.9Expert Score

Nepeto stands out as one of the best tools for your Online Arbitrage business with its user-friendly dashboard, and unique features at a reasonable price. It offers the largest retail sites, distributors, and wholesalers in the world with an inbuilt keepa tool that offers a curated list of profitable products. Some unique features like hide filter, FBA & FBM filter, Pi chart representation, AZoffers filter, & its chrome extensions enhance its utility. Daily adding new products and suppliers makes an attractive option for all the sellers.

Nepeto Review: Pros, Cons, Features & Pricing

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Nepeto Pros & Cons

  • Make your online arbitrage very easy
  • Clean & neat. User-friendly interface
  • New retail supplier stores are added every day.
  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • New items or products are added every minute while you won’t see this on other tools.
  • Keepa graph & advanced filters in one page. This makes it easy to analyze items.
  • Pricing plans are best in the market. Affordable pricing
  • Filter out the results within seconds. Very quick.
  • Liquidations feature yet to come.
  • Telegram feature yet to come.
  • Bundles feature yet to come.
  • Support, FBA training could be better

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What is Nepeto?

Nepeto is an online arbitrage tool that helps to buy products from lower-price sources and resell them on Amazon for a higher price, capitalizing on the price difference. It scans hundreds of retailers, distributors, and wholesale suppliers on the internet and provides you with a list of profitable products. You can filter and select products based on your criteria. It also offers Amazon out-of-stock items, chrome extensions and Amazon flips features.

To Source Products From Retailers

Nepeto helps to source products from top retail suppliers such as Costco, Target, Walmart, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, and Albertsons directly to Amazon. Nepeto streamlines the process, enabling you to identify the most profitable and best-selling products from hundreds of suppliers, optimizing both time and financial investments for your Amazon store.

To Source Products From Distributors

Nepeto simplifies the process of sourcing products from distributors to Amazon. When sourcing from distributors, large quantity purchases are necessary. This process is similar to sourcing from retailers but requires higher quantities. Nepeto assists in discovering the most lucrative and popular products across numerous suppliers, saving time and money for your Amazon store.

To Source Products From Wholesale Suppliers

Nepeto facilitate the sourcing of products from wholesale suppliers to Amazon, minimizing both time and financial waste. Sourcing from wholesalers requires purchasing in very large quantities, significantly more than from distributors. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for these transactions is considerably high, ensuring bulk acquisition of products.

To Source Amazon Out Of Stock Products

This feature enables you to identify items that are currently out of stock on Amazon. Nepeto not only displays these unavailable products but also recommends alternative sources where you can purchase them. This allows you to acquire products from other retailers or distributors and resell them on Amazon, optimizing your sourcing strategy.

Tip: Always investigate why a brand’s product is out of stock. Sometimes, the discontinuation of manufacturing could be the reason, affecting the availability and future restocking prospects.

Amazon Flips

Amazon Flips involve purchasing products on Amazon during promotional sales and reselling them on the same platform at a higher price after the sales end. This strategy leverages the price fluctuations on Amazon, allowing you to buy low during sales and sell high later. The entire process is streamlined since both buying and selling occur on Amazon, making it convenient and efficient.

Nepeto Features

Here are Nepeto features.

In the below image I have highlated all the features mentioned in the dashboard.

Filter suppliers:

Easily narrow down suppliers using this feature. For example, you can select from major retailers such as Walmart or Home Depot.

Tips: I personally prefer Walmart and Home Depot over others because they offer Tax Exemption program. 

Category Filter:

Categorize your search to find specific types of products like home appliances, furniture, or toys.


Set minimum and maximum price limits to target products that fit your budget and profit margin goals.

Tips: Higher the price of product more than the risk. In case it won’t get sold. 


Focus on products with the best return on investment to maximize your earnings.

Lesser the ROI, the faster the sale out. My ROI values generally are a minimum of 20 and, a maximum of 80.


Use the Best Seller Rank to gauge product popularity and sales potential on Amazon.

So lower the BSR number of a product the better the product is for selling


Set filters to view products with minimum and maximum Amazon offer values.

Hide Filter:

For a fee of $3 per product, hide specific items from view to prevent other Nepeto users from seeing them.

Advanced product data: It shows us the product sales rank, price history, product dimensions, product weight, reviews, ratings, AZ average price of 90 days and 30 days, AZ sells it or not, and estimated monthly sales.

Product Removal: Temporarily remove products from view in the listings for up to 30 days to focus on other items.

Buy Box Distribution: Visualize the competition with a pie chart displaying the distribution of sellers who have won the Buy Box.

Dynamic Keepa data table. 1 year of data can be viewed.

Nepeto added new features:

  • You can now filter by FBA FBM offers. 
  • Apply discounts directly with coupons for sourced products.
  • Exclude products where Amazon is a seller if preferred.
  • View Amazon referral fees to manage costs effectively.


Keepa is integrated in Nepeto. Here is about Keepa.

Keepa is an Amazon price tracker tool that helps users monitor product prices and sales ranks. It’s available as a browser extension and as a standalone app for both Android and iOS devices. Keepa offers historical pricing data through easy-to-read graphs, alerting users about price drops, and enabling them to set up price watches directly from Amazon product pages. It is particularly useful for online arbitrage and market research.

Nepeto Walmart Chrome Extension

The Nepeto Chrome extension efficiently scans Walmart products, identifying profitable reselling opportunities on Amazon. This tool simplifies the product sourcing process by automating the search and displaying results in a user-friendly table. It’s a valuable, free resource for anyone looking to optimize their online selling strategy.

Nepeto Alert Chrome Extension

Enhance your sourcing strategy with the Nepeto Alert Chrome extension. This tool instantly notifies you when a product is available from one of our numerous scanned suppliers. Simply click the alert to view purchasing options and potential ROI directly on Nepeto. Streamline your process with no need for manual reverse sourcing.

Nepeto Pricing & Plans

Nepeto offers 4 diffrent types of plans. Here are the pricing details and features.

Starter Plan

  • It costs $34/mo, $26/mon billed annually
  • Profitable products from Retail Suppliers (Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Zoro, Home Depot, etc.)
  • Profitable products from more than 60 Unique Distributors
  • 7-Day Free Trial

Advanced Plan

  • It costs $78/mo, $62/mon billed annually.
  • Included all starter plan features.
  • Profitable products from Wholesale Suppliers
  • Profitable products that are currently Out-of-Stock on Amazon
  • Amazon Flips (A2A)
  • Advanced Product Data 
  • 7-Day Free Trial

Pro Plan

  • It costs $98/mo, $78/mon billed annually
  • Included all Advanced plan features.
  • Telegram, Bundles, Liquiditions.
  • Sourcing from Amazon to Walmart
  • Extra features Filter By Profit, Save Filters, and Sort By ‘Found Time’
  • Export products to CSV
  • Pro Data
  • 7-Day Free Trial

Enterprise Plan

  • Contact regarding price details.
  • Included all Pro plan features.
  • Export 10,000 Nepeto’s products to CSV (Lead List)
  • Scanner – Find products from the given CSV
  • You can prioritize adding specific suppliers to Nepeto
  • Discounted prep services
  • Personal sales representative

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