Merch Informer Pricing Plans: Which Plan should I choose?

Want to try out Merch Informer? Confused to choose your plan? Then this blog might help. We detail Merch Informer pricing plans.

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Merch Informer Pricing & Plans

Merch Informer offers two plans to its customers. Newbie plan and Professional plan. The Newbie plan costs $9.99/mon and the Professional costs $19.99/mon when billed annually. The Newbie plan costs $8.32/mon and the Professional costs $16.65/mon when billed annually. All the plans can be tried using the free trial before subscribing. They offer 3-day free trial on all plans.

SpecificationsNewbie PlanProfessional Plan
Free Trial3-days Free Trial3-days Free Trial
FeaturesStarter Featuresfull Features
SetupNot requiredNot requried
Trademark Tracking508000
Support24/7 Customer Support24/7 Customer Support
BonusMerch Academy, Merch DesignerMerch Academy, Merch Designer+
Merch Graphics Vector Pack (100/month), Access Single Upload Interface Automation

Which Plan should I choose?

Consider the following factors to choosing your Merch Informer plan.

Annual or Monthly Plan

The annual or monthly plan is very important in choosing your plan. First, decide whether you need a Merch Informer tool for a month or a year. This way you can complete 50% of your job.

There is no particular reason to choose between annual and monthly plans. Depending on your time period of requirement choose one from it.

Features to consider

The Newbie plan offers starter features whereas the Professional plan offers full and more features.

In the newbie plan, you get Product Search, Brand Search, Favorites Trademark, Alerts, Advanced Competition Checker, Keyword Finder, Listing Optimizer, and Merch Archive. In the Professional plan, you get more features on top of this.

If you need more features then go for the Professional plan.


This very important aspect to check before subscribing. I see there is just a $10 difference between the Merch Informer Newbie plan and the Professional plan. So if you feel you can spend an extra $10 then go for the Professional plan and unlock all the premium benefits. Or grab the newbie plan. If you are looking for a discount on the plan, Then use the coupon code XPRESS20 to get flat 20% off on all orders.

Trademark Tracking

Make Informer offers 50 Trademark Tracking for a Newbie plan and 8000 Trademark tracking for a professional plan. There is a large difference between the two, 50 and 8000. So we suggest spending an extra $10 and grabbing the Professional plan.


In the Newbie plan you get the bonus of Merch Academy, Merch Designer whereas in the Professional plan, you get the bonus Merch Academy, Merch Designer, Merch Graphics Vector Pack (100/month), Access Single Upload Interface Automation. A large amount of bonuses for just $10 extra. Great right?

So we seriously recommend you grab the Professional plan rather than the Newbie plan. If you have very less work or you just want to try out then only choose the Newbie plan.

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