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Are you looking for premium private proxies? Do you need good sales intelligence and data scrapping? Then check out Looking for a Lime Proxies coupon code? Then check out the discounts section below.

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About Lime Proxies

Technology has advanced, and more people are coming online for almost anything. Right from paying bills online to getting their groceries, everything has come online. And this user base is getting heavier with each passing day. The attackers are always ready to enter the loopholes and take advantage of these users. And here, a proxy server is needed.

A proxy server offers you a gateway between you as a user and the internet and prevents all these cyber-attackers from getting into a private network. This server goes between the web pages and the end-users who go online. Lime Proxies is the best place for getting your private proxies and comes with a super support team.

Features of Lime Proxies

A lot of features are being offered by Lime Proxies. They are given below:

Superfast server

It possesses a massive network server all across the globe that is perfectly optimized for blazing-fast connection. It comes with uncountable bandwidth with zero throttling. Lime Proxies offer unparalleled speed of 1GBPS and work amazingly when it comes to multithreaded software and top-notch performance.


You can stream or download almost anything from the server of Lime Proxies in any geographic region on the globe and keep your IP address shrouded from cyber attackers.

Top-notch security

You are completely protected from getting hacked and surveillance with DNS/ IPv6 leak protection and 256-bit AES encryption.

Market research

Real market data can be applied to business decisions easily, therefore offering better convenience. Lime Proxies help in doing the market research.

Brand security

It becomes easy to protect your brand from unwanted threats or risks, and you can focus on completely establishing a powerful image of your business.

Ad verification

The suspicious affiliate marketers can no longer put their hands on your data as it is shielded by Lime Proxies. The advertisers’ page can be easily verified, and there is zero malware.

Data Scrapping

You can scrap almost anything that you like including the potential customers or the customers of your clients, while maintaining anonymity.

Pricing intelligence

You can easily discover who your competitors are in the crowd by evaluating pricing data in real-time.

SEO monitoring

Through the SERP data, keyword choices, and search keywords, the SEO actions can be enhanced. You can easily keep your eye on your Google rankings and ensure that your SEO tactics are moving in the right direction.

Sales intelligence

The authentic proxies can be blended with a correctly-versed sales intelligence tool for improving the sales process. You can now empower your sales to the next level by understanding the best customers for the business by having high-speed and dedicated proxies.

Blocked content access

Now, you can access a wide range of blocked content on the internet through a guarded proxy line offered by Lime Proxies.

360 customer support

Premium support is provided by Lime Proxies with its Campfire Support System 24/7, and this makes Lime Proxies better than other service providers.

When you are armed with Lime Proxies, you are in the safe hand, away from the cyber-attackers. It makes sure that the connection is completely safe. Your privacy remains intact, and the subscription rates are cheap as well.

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