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There are few products with a very good margin if you sell on Amazon. Beginners wish to sell profitable products, but don’t know how much demand there is for those products. Sometimes they get confused completely. There are a whole host of websites & tools that will let you look at Amazon sales and other information about products. These tools are free of cost or at least cheaper than Jungle Scout. So here are the free and cheapest tools to start your Amazon FBA business.

Jungle Scout is an expensive tool for beginners. The basic plan starts from $49/mon.

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So in this article, I will share ultimate techniques

  1. How to Avail Jungle Scout For Free?
  2. How to get Jungle Scout for the Cheapest Price?
  3. What are Jungle Scout Free Alternatives?
  4. Jungle Scout Discounts.
  5. Jungle Scout Free Trial.
  6. What is Jungle Scout Chrome Extension?
  7. What JungleScout Chrome Extension can do?
  8. Jungle Scout Free Estimator Tool.

Avail Jungle Scout For Free

Paying $49 every month that too with basic plan features, Not a wise decision for newbies.

Note: The below method is not the legal way. It mentioned for beginners, starting business with very low budget

To get Jungle Scout for free just search on google “Jungle Scout Cracked version” or “Jungle Scout Nulled”. Or click the below button.

Jungle Scout nulled Version 1.0

Jungle Scout nulled Version 2.0

Jungle Scout nulled Version 3.0

Sometimes this technique will do wonders. There are some websites on google that are providing you with this nulled or cracked version of Jungle scout. Just download it and use it. It might be time taking process but it’s worth it.

Get Jungle Scout for the Cheapest Price @ $5/mon

There are a few websites that provide you Jungle Scout for $5/mon to $10/mon. Shocked? But that is true. Yes, there are websites that provide you with the lowest price. I recently checked the group by SEO website. They are providing Jungle Scout at just $5.95/mon. Not only Jungle Scout. They also provide Helium 10 and Viral launch too.

Jungle Scout Free Alternatives

Scope Seller Labs is a handy Jungle Scout free alternative. A 100% free-to-use Amazon tool for keyword research, product research, and analytics, Scope Seller Labs has everything you need to get started with your product or niche search.

AmzTracker’s Unicorn Smasher free-of-charge product reviews software program is featured on the ‘quality to be had’ leaderboard and features real-time full records and accurate earnings estimates.

Users can quickly navigate between product niches to find insights into pricing, rankings, and ratings, as well as product reviews.

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Jungle Scout Discounted Price 50% OFF !!

If are looking for some big discounts on the Jungle Scout order. Just use the exclusive Jungle Scout deal and grab the offer.

Usually, Jungle Scout offers a 50% discount on all its orders. This offer is applicable to all the monthly and annual plans.

Jungle Scout Free Trial

Unfortunately, Jungle Scout does offer a free trial while it offers a 7-day money-back guarantee on all the jungle scout pricing plans. If you decide that the product is not right for you, jungle scout will give you a refund within 7 days after cancelation without any queries asked. Simply, you can email support@junglescout.com and speak to the support team.

How to Sign Up For a Free Trial?

Whether you’re a first-time user or an experienced internet user, there’s likely a free trial of some sort that’ll appeal to you. Here are a few tips for how to snag one: 

  • Start by searching for the product or service you’re interested in. If it’s a paid subscription service, be sure to check the terms and conditions before signing up. 
  • Check if the company offers a free trial through its website or social media channels. If not, ask directly via email or phone. 
  • Request a free trial while you’re still considering whether or not to buy the product or service. This will help avoid any feelings of guilt if you decide not to proceed.
  • Remember to provide your contact information so that the company can contact you about your free trial and remind you about its expiration dates.
  • Don’t forget to ask the company if they offer a money-back guarantee. Find out how long you have to return the product or service.
  • Take advantage of all the free trial offers that are available, as you can use these to your advantage when making your decision to buy the jungle scout plans.

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Jungle Scout Free Alternate Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is a powerful tool that provides you with a ton of data to make informed decisions. Similar to Jungle Scout, CaptainAMZ also offers Chrome Extension with many new useful features. The extension is user-friendly. If you want to request reviews from your customers in bulk or to check out any product’s historical sales data, the CaptainAMZ chrome extension is very helpful.

You can automate review requests and track all product reviews for free.

What JungleScout Chrome Extension can do?

Some of the great things that JungleScout Chrome Extension can do.

  • JungleScout Chrome Extension can check all relevant sales data.
  • It can check Historical data.
  • Request reviews in bulk.
  • There’s a great metric called Opportunity Score.
  • There’s another excellent metric called Listing Quality Score.
  • With the new Chrome Extension, you can see sponsored ads.
  • It provides a great keyword tool.
  • You can check out Google Trends Data.
  • You’re able to customize the view.

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Jungle Scout Free Estimator Tool

The Jungle Scout Estimator Tool is a great way to determine the average monthly sales numbers for specific Amazon categories, aid product launches, and keep an eye on your competitors.

You need to submit the Best seller’s rank number then choose Amazon marketplace next choose Amazon product Category. These details will estimates your Amazon sales.

You get 10 free estimates per day. Need more estimates than just sign up with email.

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