5 Best Private Proxy Providers of 2023

Do you want to find the best private proxy providers? Do you want to know whether your IP address is hidden by the best or most secure proxy servers? Do not worry, we are here to assist you. Let’s take a closer look at each of the best private proxies and their services.

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What is a Private Proxy?

Private proxies are a type of proxy that is used by businesses and individuals to access the internet anonymously. Private proxies can be useful for people who do not want their personal information exposed, as well as those who do not have access to a public proxy.

Private proxies are usually less expensive and faster than public proxies and can be used to bypass firewalls and censorship.

Top 5 Private Proxy Providers

There are a number of Private Proxy Providers in 2023, which will make it easier for individuals to connect to the internet without exposing their personal information. These providers can help users protect their privacy by hiding their IP addresses and identities, making it difficult for anyone to track them down.

Let’s look at five great private proxy providers to help you find one that’s right for you.

1. MyPrivateProxy

With My Private Proxy, you can have access to high speed extremely anonymous private proxies especially designed for SEO purposes. Private proxy servers are configured to assign one IP address to one individual user at a time.

MPP Features

  • MPP has a fast delivery service.
  • These proxies provide 24/7 customer support.
  • MPP offers a refund within 3 days.

MPP Pricing

MPP PlansMPP 1MPP 5MPP 10MPP 20MPP 50MPP 100MPP 200MPP 500MPP 1000MPP 2000MPP Ticket Master
No. Of Proxies1511225511022055011002200253
Monthly Pricing$2.49/mon$11.75/mon$23.70/mon$44.20/mon$87.50/mon$165/mon$325/mon$750/mon$1400/mon$2500/mon$390/mon

2. Bright Data

The Bright Data platform allows you to retrieve the public web data you want in a variety of ways, from data collection infrastructure to ready-made datasets. Proxy networks like Bright Data give users the option of browsing anonymously from anywhere in the world.

Bright Data Features

  • Bright Data offers a 7-day free trial.
  • It provides 24/7 customer support without any issues.
  • The average success rate of Bright data proxy is 99.9%

Bright Data Pricing

  • Bright Data Proxy Starter plan costs $500/mon.
  • Bright Data Proxy Advanced plan costs $1000/mon.
  • Bright Data Proxy Advanced+ plan costs $2000/mon.
  • Bright Data Proxy Enterprise plan cost varies from plan to plan.

3. Smart Proxy

By using smart proxies, users can edit and preview large, high-resolution video files more fluidly. Smart Proxy servers allow you to connect to competitive business data from around the world.

smartproxy review

Smart Proxy Features

  • Smart Proxies has unlimited connections & threads.
  • Smart proxy provides a sticky session for half an hour.
  • It offers a full refund in case you cancel your proxy within 3 days.
  • You can access these proxies in over 195 countries.

Smart Proxy Pricing

  • Smart Proxy Pay-as-you-go plan costs $12.5/gigabyte.
  • Smart Proxy Micro plan costs $80/mon.
  • Smart Proxy Starter plan costs $225/mon.
  • Smart Proxy Regular plan costs $400/mon.
  • Smart Proxy Enterprise plan costs $700/mon.

4. Storm Proxies

The Storm Proxies proxy service is one of the most popular proxy providers on the market. It offers a wide range of services for those looking for a cheap proxy provider. A cheap proxy provider can take advantage of these proxies to get the full service they need. SEO experts founded it to make it one of the most impressive proxy services.

Storm Proxies Features

  • Strom Proxies have a high speed with great performance.
  • It has unlimited bandwidth.
  • You can get instant access once your payment is done.

Storm Proxies Pricing

  • 5 ports of Residential Storm Proxies cost $50/mon.
  • 10 ports of Residential Storm Proxies cost $90/mon.
  • 20 ports of Residential Storm Proxies cost $160/mon.
  • 50 ports of Residential Storm Proxies cost $300/mon.

5. SSL Private Proxy

In an SSL proxy, the secure socket layer (SSL) is used as the proxy protocol for transmitting information over a network. It is very secure to exchange information between clients and servers through SSL web proxy. There are a variety of subscription plans available for this proxy service, which is quite expensive. 

SSL Private Proxy Features

  • You can access SSL Private Proxies in multiple cities & subnets.
  • These proxies have unlimited bandwidth.
  • Fully secured with 24/7 customer support.

SSL Private Proxy Pricing

  • SSL Private Proxy cost starts from $1.75/mon

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