Amazon Choice Badge Vs Amazon Best Seller


While selling or buying products on Amazon, users can find different types of badges next to Amazon’s listings. Amazon uses badges such as sponsored and best seller to specify the important descriptions of each product. 

Amazon’s Choice badge is given to a product that matches the best with a specific keyword. The tag assures that the product has been verified and approved for selling by Amazon. 

Amazon’s Best Seller badge is assigned to products that have been sold in huge numbers. It is conferred to products that have the highest number of sales in a specific category.

Let’s have a glance at the specifics and criteria of Amazon Choice Badge Vs Amazon Best Seller for understanding the difference between them.

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Amazon Choice Badge Criteria

The contributing factors that help in increasing the chances of earning an Amazon Choice badge are mentioned below.

Use Amazon FBA

The sellers can use Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) solutions to sell their products to Amazon customers by handling order fulfillment. Since the customers expect a smooth delivery experience, it is important to deliver their orders by establishing faster shipping services. The FBA services are efficient in logistics and ensure quick, hassle-free order delivery.

Bring up reviews and ratings

For a seller, getting good product reviews is critical for products since it affects the buying decisions of customers. If the ratings are on the lower side, then it can hamper the chances of getting a choice badge. Amazon will automatically select the top sold products and give good seller ratings to the sellers, which can help them earn a badge.

Have competitive pricing

Sellers need to set competitive as well as affordable prices for their products to sell on Amazon. The sellers need to focus on the “well-priced products” category on Amazon to get an idea about repricing your products for better customer inflow, which increases the chance of getting an Amazon Choice badge.

Amazon Best Seller Badge Criteria

The factors that can help sellers earn a best seller badge on Amazon are mentioned below.

Create an optimized product list

As a seller, it is important to conduct proper keyword research for maintaining an optimized product list. The sellers should pick primary keywords with higher search rates to mention in the description box of their products. Sellers need to optimize backend keywords with average relevance and correct misspelled brand keywords.

Right category selection

Amazon has various highly competitive niches. However, to be listed as a bestseller, put your products in relevant categories for achieving better product sales. It is very easy to get the best seller badge in a highly valued subcategory.

Maintain advertising strategy

Amazon provides pay-per-click (PPC) advertising services to increase sales and ratings of a seller. The seller needs to understand the market competition and sell his products in highly valued niches to earn a badge.

Amazon Choice Badge Vs Amazon Best Seller

It is now clear about the Amazon Choice badge and Amazon Best Seller badge after noting the key differences between them. Amazon Choice is SEO-optimized, while the Amazon Best Seller badge is earned based on overall sales. Both the badges have equal importance for an Amazon seller.

Amazon Choice Badge Vs Amazon Best Seller Verdict

In the end, earning a Best Seller badge holds more profit. The badge appears on the most popular products and also gains the trust of customers. It is advisable to focus more on achieving a Best Seller badge which will gain sellers a good customer rating status.

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